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I was going to buy powered small speakers for my daughter's first sound system to go with A Project Debut Carbon Evolution but now she seems ok to accept an integrated amplifier from me to power speakers. Thinking about the Elac UNI-FI UB 51 or ELAC Uni-FI Slim B5 U5 after researching similar priced speakers such as the Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2, Paradigm Monitor SE Atom, Wharfedale Diamond 12.1, and Kef 150. I have not listened to any speakers yet at the price point. Any comments?



For your situation... I recommend the KEF LS-50 wireless... if she needs more bass add the small sub KEF sells. I have owned Ls50, LS50w, Elac Debut, Elac UB5... I do not recommend Elac's ... listening to them is torture. 


@mjs ,what is the budget for your daughters system?  This will be most helpful. 

If she listens to rock a Bose  will more than do.

If Jazz a Omega does well , no crossover .

If Classical a Spendor A9  .

KEF LS50 wireless. One set of speakers with built-in amplification. Another option is used KEF LS50 passive ($600 - $800) with a PeachTree NOVA 150 or 300. The NOVA 300 is on sale now for $1500. I had the NOVA 150 with my passive LS50s. Pretty good sound. I have much better gear on te LS50's and the speakers scale to the quality of gear in front of them.

As mentioned above, if you need more bass add the KEF KC62 sub for the passive of active LS50's. I have this combo in a rather large room. It does a decent job. In a smaller room, this would be a killer combo.

The NuPrime IDA-8 will handle all amplification and digital processing in a compact package.  Pair it with Silverline SR7 or one of the Wharfedale bookshelves and I’m sure she’ll be more than thrilled. 

Small apartment. Mostly pop music and do not expect head banging loud. Probably budgeting about $300-400 for speakers. Have. a good DIY integrated amp for her and spending around $700 for a turntable. If I wanted to spend more money on speakers would consider the Dynaudio Emit 10 for about $600. Do not expect speakers to be placed anywhere near optimum positions at this time.

What is the DIY amp (basic specs)?


This info will make/break uninformed reccomnedations,



Seems you are spending too much on a turntable and not enough on the speakers.

I would look at Focal Chora or Monitor Audio Bronze or Silver (if you can get a deal).

You may be able to find a scratch and dent scratch and dent Klipsch RP 600M. Check Amazon. Those are fantastic with not that many watts required. 

MartinLogan 15i and if budget allows, ML Dynamo 800. Sweet sounding combo that I currently use for bedroom system. 15i are small bookshelf’s that fit almost anywhere.  

You should also consider a pair of pre-owned Spica TC50. Even though these are vintage, they hold their own; and are usually available for 250usd or so.

Bought my daughter a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 50’s. Nice little speaker a tad on the warmer side which is good for poor recordings. Will not play to crazy loud volumes but will play loud enough to upset the neighbors. 

I bought a pair of Monitor Audio GS 10's and then sold them to a friend who owns a Rega amp, Rega CD player, Clearaudio, etc... Anyway, he's content as the GS 10's paired up beautifully after adding a good pair of jumper cables. The Monitor Audio's could last your daughter even if she were to upgrade years from now.


There's a used pair of Revel Concerta F12 towers here on Agon for $300 that could work well, but they are rear ported

I concur with Monitor Audio too!


"Bose shouldn’t even be mentioned on this site!"

wow :)

Just got my daughter wharfedale 12.1’s with an NAD 3020 amp and a teac 3b turntable, also streaming from a hifiberry. Sounds great!  Thrilled that she listens and loves vinyl. 

Since you’re buying for someone who is likely not (yet?) an audiophile, I’d suggest paying attention to aesthetics and also look for something that’s less likely to be finicky about placement (since most people put their speakers up against back walls and directly on cabinets, etc) unless you know the location she’s placing them will leave room to breath. Front-ported has been less finicky for me. As for the look, that’s going to depend on her personal style but there’s a big difference in the look of Elac, KefQ150, wharfedale, etc…Knowing they’re all better than most non-audiophiles listen to, I’d try to match the style of her room.

Loving the look of your system helps a lot when you’re new to the hobby and best to not have something she doesn’t like looking at in her room.

Read this thread of response’s so far..

Why submit your daughter to inevitable audio nervosa ?

get her a Crosley do-it-all box and be done !! 

If you expect placement to be compromised, I suggest avoiding rear ports, and going with concentric drivers so that required distance for driver integration will be less challenging. As obvious as it might be to us here, keeping the speakers at the right height, and yes, not blocked by other furniture, etc., as I've seen way too many times before, is paramount.

I have a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 in my office run through a Hafler DH-220 (w/Musical Concepts mods) and it sounds anything but torturous.  I had Paradigm Atoms 30 years ago and they were good.  I have Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s as well that I periodically swap the ELACs with just for a change.  They're liquid and their bass is superb for a bookshelf that size.  Wharfedale Dentons have been highly regarded as well.

Frankly I don't think you'd go wrong with either brand for what you're putting together.

PSB 300 or 300i


Spacious in the upper registers and smartly articulated in the bass, the PSB 300 can bring concert-hall expansiveness classical music and rocking realism to Creedence Clearwater.




we can assist

we are kef paradibm elac and wharfedale dealers


there is no easy answer here kef q150 are a great choice muh more involving then the elacs

feel free to contact us for an indepth conversation

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Go to the Musicians Friend website and buy her some pro grade powered studio monitors.  Affordable and engineered for exactly what you're trying to do.

Saying Jazz and Classical need less base is stupid !

All rock needs is noise , real music needs real sound .

If she has room for them, I would choose the Wharfedale 12.2 over the 12.1. She'll end up with better bass and they can potentially play a bit louder or play with more dynamics.  I use them in my den powered by a Denon A/V Receiver, and they do just fine.  I do use them for both music and movies paired with a small subwoofer, but in a small room a sub might be optional (at least for a good while). 

They represent a good sound for a small price. I found mine at Crutchfield for a "deal" before they increased in price. 

The 12.2 aren't THAT much larger is physical size than the 12.1.  Good luck whatever you choose to get her started on her journey. 

I would let your daughter hear the different speaker choices herself.  The main reason is that women in general, especially a younger one, can hear a lot higher frequencies that her dad!  Do the youtube high frequency sound tests, and you will be surprised how much of a higher frequency range your daughter will be able to detect over you.  So a speaker that sounds great to you, with lots of high frequency detail, may in fact hurt her ears.  I’ve experienced this hearing discrepancy with my wife whenever we auditioned speakers.  What sounded clear and airy to me would sometimes hurt her ears.  Consequently, I had to buy speakers that she could tolerate in the upper registers.  Hope this helps your search!

I agree with several of the thoughts expressed. The visual appearance could be a lot more important than we men may think it is. I also agree with her being able to hear the speakers if at all possible. Young people do have different/better hearing.

The other folks, selling other speakers, can beat up on Elac. I have seen and heard what Andrew Jones has designed on HUGE budgets and on very, very inexpensive budgets. When I first heard the F5s many years ago at $560 a pair I was floored by the sound. 

Two years ago I bought the entire F5.2 set, Fs, Bs, and a center for my small TV-only room. with an old REL Storm III sub the sound is great. I've also run both sets of Elac speakers in my audio room for fun and they performed very well.

KEF Q350 - 499$ on sale at Crutch…* w/ free shipping through this month - hard to beat uni-q point source driver if you have less than optimum room placement options.  It’s a little above your budgeted price but worth listening to.  

Go Full range, Forget all the above recommends, Go Full range.

Davidlouis on ebay offers a  8, however he is still waiting for inventory on his VX8, he has a  single pair left and raised his price to $1200, I paid $550 6 months ago.

I suggested to him that his speaker manufacturer may not ever ge the cones back in stock to make the speaker, Its my guess VOXATIV bought up all/every wood cone to use in their speakers and advised the cone maker they would buy all/every cone made, so as  to keep Davidlouis OOB.

Vox knows if DavidLouis is seklling the excat same cone for $550,  its a no brainer no one will buy Voxativ's $5000 speaker, as both have the same identical cone..

David chuckled last month,,**ahh no Paul, fact is I will  have the cones back in Janurary,,** He doubs my theory. WEll here we are 2 days from Feburary, and he still does not have the cones in stock.

His VX6 is good, but the VX8 is better. This is the speaker that will suit best your your daughters music.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M are also on sale and within your budget.   

Thank you all for your input. Looks like small is better for my daughter and I am sure she is going to prioritize looks rather than optimal placement for imaging. So now looking at Elac Uni fi Slim, Dynaudio Emit 10, Wharfedale Diamond 12.1, B&W 607 s2 and Kef Q150. Can get the Kef on sale near her at $350 plus grills, Dynaudio at $500 used, B&W at $525 used and Wharfedale at $350 open box. Not sure I like the vinyl covering on the Kefs but I use Sonus Faber so maybe I like nice wood. Some concern that the integrated amp I am giving her may have problems driving the Elac, Dynaudio and B&W at 50 wats/channel into 8 ohms or 80 watts into 4 ohms. Room size is 18 X 12. She was going to go out this weekend to listen to some speakers but was unable due to the blizzard. 

Which of the speakers under consideration can she audition? Given the 50wpc amplifier I would consider those that are easiest to drive impedance wise.  

Audiotroy sells (at least ) 3 of the speaker brands you have narrowed down to - maybe you should visit his store.  

I know there powered, but the Audioengine A5+ speakers are great, and work fantastiv with Amazon Music HD streaming as well.


Is this system more about pleasing you or your daughter?  Get her what she wants because she will probably end up not using what you think she may like and it will sit there collecting dust or break it.  Don't overthink it.

I am trying to balance out what I think may sound good within reasonable  costs and what I think my daughter will enjoy.I admit that my primary sound system is expensive and that my phono pre amp costs more than the system I am trying to put together for my daughter. I also admit I have not listened to anything within my daughters budget although I am paying for everything. Help!

Safe & Sound in Chicopee has some good deals. They have online & in store shopping.

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