Speakers for Dance music and other

Hi all,

I've got a very nice hifi set containing some highend equipment eg. Tidal, Vitus and Lyra but I've got this equipment in a dedicated room.

I'm planning to put a "cheap" set in my living room for none critical listening and occasionally a party. I'll be playing a lot of dance music with this set (but also some jazz, classical).
I wonder if someone can advise me a good speaker for dance music (as well as other off course)

It would be nice if it's a speaker that is easy to drive, very dynamic with good bass.

I'm thinking for instance the Wilson Puppy 7. Want to spend max. +- US9000 second hand.
Do you think the Wilson is a good candidate?

Any other suggestions appreciated.
I'm planning to put a "cheap" set in my living room for none critical listening and occasionally a party.
I'm thinking for instance the Wilson Puppy 7. Want to spend max. +- US9000 second hand.

If you consider $9000.00 cheap,you are either well off financially,very out of touch with reality or maybe a little of both!!! My opinion,nothing more.
Party speakers for dance music need to be robust. I'd recommend you go for something with pro drivers rather than a Watt Puppy.

If you also want fidelity then look into used studio main monitors - Westlake horns, Meyer, PMC, JBL, Genelec and ATC.
You didn't really mention what kind of dance?
Are you doing ballroom 3/4 time waltz stuff or just shak'n yo booty?
If you want some speakers to shake your money maker to, may I suggest a pair of Tyler Acoustics PD80's with built in bass amps.

Should be all you need.

Good luck!
I agree with Shadorne here if it's dance music like disco then you might want to consider pro audio. As for me I use Klipsch LaScalas with a McIntosh amp which is a reasonably good combination for dance but clearly not for critical listening system. They can really play at ridiculous SPLs if that's you idea of a good time. That system will probably not approach your budget on the used market. The JBL suggestion is also a good one to pursue. If you can afford Wilson however, they are sensitive enough to crank, but you probably meant "Watt" Puppys . Without the Watt it would be only woofers. Never heard a woofer only system but I doubt the usual audiophile descriptions would apply. Transparency, Air, liquidity, enormous Soundstage etc.
Legacy Focus can be had on Ebay and here for around $3000-$4000 and they have 2 or 3 12" woofers depending on the model year and very high efficiency as well. They are very good speakers for any purpose but if you like a speaker with a big soundstage and a lot of cone area to move some air these are hard to beat.
I'm with Mechans on this; Klipsch LaScala or Klipschorns, and a Mac MC275 amp. That will rock the neighborhood. Put in an SVS Ultra, Sunfire, or Definitive Tech Reference sub and man, that will be a blast.

"Party on Wayne"

"Party on Garth"
How about Emerald Physics? They use pro drivers. I used klipsch lascala for a party and wasn't at all impressed for loud dance music. They don't do deep bass. Also, how is dispersion of a horn?
I'd look into Daedalus Acoustics. I'm considering them for my main system now. I heard one of their pro combo amps at a NAMM show years ago, and it got plenty loud without being fatiguing. They were demoing with a violin, and it sounded very much like an unamplified acoustic violin that was just loud - not like an amplified-compressed-distorted typicl PA system sound at all. Rich, controlled, vibrant. Their stuff is also well made with beautifully finished hardwoods. With a $9000 budget, you could probbly buy near their top-of the line brand new and be extremely happy
How about a pair of OHM Walsh omni speakers with the huge sweet spot. These are full range, will take whatever power you throw at them and go as loud as you like clearly and not blast people out of the room.

I even used a pair for an outdoor party on a farmhouse porch once and had the party rocking forty yards away in a nearby field.