Speakers for Creek 5350SE+Arcam FMJ CD23T

I'm looking for speakers for my Creek 5350SE+Arcam FMJ CD23T set. I listen to jazz, vocal jazz, some rock.
I'm considering Jmlab Electra 926, B&W CDM 9NT, Vienna Acoustics Bethoven, Sonus Faber Grand Piano, Virgo II, maybe Dyns.
Any suggestions of a good match before my listening sesions would be greatly appreciated.
Give the Audio Physic Spark III a shot. I am driving them with the 5350se and have been happy for some time now.
Epos...share same distributor as Creek...whom I believe now own the company...they have a small floorstander which would be a nice match...check out audioadvisor.com...
2nd the Epos voiced for Creek. Or B&W 602 s3, I didn't find the Creek could drive CDM 9's. Creek really doesn't have much power.
Give Kinima G1's a try. They have a nice soft dome that is easy on the ear than compared to the B&Ws 600s and Epos. My 40w Audio Aero system drives them very easily. I also listen to mostly jazz and these speakers will highlight every detail there is. With what you save on these speakers, get yourself a pair of Van Den Hal power cords to tighten the bass up. For info, go to google, Kinima g1, Wombermill, cached or Zetag corp.
I will 3rd the Epos.

I have heard the 5350se with the M12 (i think that's what they were called - the Epos bookshelf speaker) and it was a really good combo. Crisp, clean, detailed. Perhaps a bit 'hot' for my liking. I would imagine that with cabling, this could be tuned to your liking.

Make sure you switch the stock jumpers for something a bit better. And I would use full-bodied sounding speaker cable if you go with this combo.