Speakers for Creek 5230SE Int. Amp.

I just purchased this amp to use in my office with a M/F A3 cd player. Any suggestions on bookshelf speakers that would match up nicely with this combo? Speakers will have dedicated stands.
i listen to mostly blues, americana, some jazz and classic rock.
Epos M12, especially considering the price right now. I had the Creek with these and a Music Hall CD25 and the sound was excellent.

Not sure what you are considering bookshelf though. If smaller, what about the new Epos mini monitor?


I agreee with Mattybumpkin. Epos probably has one of the best mid range out there regardless of price. Vocal reproduction is first rate.

I believe EPOS is part of Creek. Check out this possitive review from HiFi choice.

I would recommend Silverline SR 11. I am using the SR 17's with my 5350 but a pair of SR 11's sounded fine when I had them in the system.
With EPOS speakers, you will benefit from the Creek/EPOS/Music Hall family synergy. One of the most musical sounding set-ups that I have ever heard was a Creek 5000 series amp with EPOS M15 floorstanders and a Music Hall MMF CD25 cd player. The M12 are excellent stand mount speakers. The EPOS M12/M15 will do justice to much of the No Depression/roots music that you listen to ... my tastes, as well.

If the M12/M15 are too big for your office, it would make sense to look at the EPOS ESL3 mini speakers. For about the same price though, I would look at the NHT SB2. IMO, I think that the SB2 sound a notch better than the ESL3 and are less fussy about placement, given their sealed box design. I have actually owned both the ESL3 and SB2 and the SB2 sounded richer and more detailed with my set-up (Marantz 2240 vintage receiver and Music Hall CD 25 cd player).

Regards, Rich
I am using Alon Petites with my Creek 4240SE and I am very happy.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I was about ready to pick up a 5230SE, but came across a great deal on a used Arcam FMJ A22 integrated, so after picking up matching electronics (Arcam FMJ CD23T CD player and FMJ T21 tuner), I added a pair of ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signatures, and this pairing is very, very good. My guess is that the little ProAcs would sound great with your Creek as well. I have also heard Totem Model 1's with a Creek 5230SE, and they sounded very good (though I prefered the ProAcs, which are also both smaller and less expensive than the Model 1's).