speakers for Creek 4330

I am looking for a speaker match for the creek. It is used in an office, relatively low volumes but I would like to get good soundstaging and "air". I am willing to spend up to 1500$ for used, prefer jazz, rock and R&B. I also would prefer a smaller monitor type speaker.
Vandersteen 1's are also supposedly an excellent match.
Thanks for the collection of helpful responses. Some were so compelling I am actually going to try a few of the options.
Epos 12, unmacthed detail...!
I am using a pair of Alon Petites with my Creek 4240SE. Highly recommended!!!!
I am using Totem Arros with a 4330 in a home office. The sound is great and the speakers are compact, easy to place and can be placed with backs close to the wall. Low level listening is quite good.
Ditto on the small B&W speakers. Either the 302s mentioned or even better the DM601.
I am currently using my Creek 4330R with B&W 302 speakers and an AH! Tjoeb '99 CD Player in my home office. The B&W 302 are very neutral and throw out an impressive soundstage. There isn't much low end, but what it does produce is tangible. The 302 have a 91 db sensitivity which makes it a good match for the Creek. Another speaker that I would recommend is the Linn Tukan.
Sounds like you don't need to spend $1500! Good news. In my opinion, I'd look to high sensitivity or high impedance speakers, even though you listen at not very loud volumes. Why? The Creek is a fairly small amp, and not a warm sounding product. Don't get me wrong, it is a great amp. Just that taxing it may make it sound harsh, you won't get air that way. Also, you like jazz. You may want go for a speaker that is not bright. To me(and this is just opinion), look for a silk(fabric) dome tweeter. Want a great one for less than a grand? Coincident Loudspeaker Technology Triumph Signatures. One thousand new, but look for a used pair here. They turn out wonderful speakers. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!