speakers for Creek 4330

I am looking for a speaker match for the creek. It is used in an office, relatively low volumes but I would like to get good soundstaging and "air". I am willing to spend up to 1500$ for used, prefer jazz, rock and R&B. I also would prefer a smaller monitor type speaker.
Sounds like you don't need to spend $1500! Good news. In my opinion, I'd look to high sensitivity or high impedance speakers, even though you listen at not very loud volumes. Why? The Creek is a fairly small amp, and not a warm sounding product. Don't get me wrong, it is a great amp. Just that taxing it may make it sound harsh, you won't get air that way. Also, you like jazz. You may want go for a speaker that is not bright. To me(and this is just opinion), look for a silk(fabric) dome tweeter. Want a great one for less than a grand? Coincident Loudspeaker Technology Triumph Signatures. One thousand new, but look for a used pair here. They turn out wonderful speakers. I promise you will NOT be disappointed!
I am currently using my Creek 4330R with B&W 302 speakers and an AH! Tjoeb '99 CD Player in my home office. The B&W 302 are very neutral and throw out an impressive soundstage. There isn't much low end, but what it does produce is tangible. The 302 have a 91 db sensitivity which makes it a good match for the Creek. Another speaker that I would recommend is the Linn Tukan.
Ditto on the small B&W speakers. Either the 302s mentioned or even better the DM601.
I am using Totem Arros with a 4330 in a home office. The sound is great and the speakers are compact, easy to place and can be placed with backs close to the wall. Low level listening is quite good.
I am using a pair of Alon Petites with my Creek 4240SE. Highly recommended!!!!
Epos 12, unmacthed detail...!
Thanks for the collection of helpful responses. Some were so compelling I am actually going to try a few of the options.
Vandersteen 1's are also supposedly an excellent match.