Speakers for Conrad-Johnson MV-60

Yes, there is music after children. I am getting back into the game and upgrading my system. I never thought I would replace my speakers but they sound dark with the new amp compared to what is available today. They were from NY Acoustics and made 15 years ago. Very musical and accurate 2-ways. The system that is taking form consists of CJ MV-60; Stan Warren buffered line stage; still playing with CD and am open to suggestions there too. Listened to rega planet 2000, creek 43mkll and rotel 1070. Trying out Audioquest Viper for current speaker and CV 4 interconnect. Room is in basement 12x26x8. Thanks for the input.
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I always thought that CJ sound is too 'tubey' for my taste, and that they hide certain amount of information. However, once i had chance to hear CJ amp (i do not remember what model) with Cabasse speakers, and sound was fantastic! I believe they were these:

I got this link from the ;on sale ad, here on the Audiogon.
Thanks for the input. At first I thought CJ was just as you described and so I stayed away. But the MV-60 is very different. Maybe its the amp/preamp combo. Which Cabasse speakers did you listen to?
I was listening three way Cabasse Skiff, but was auditioning lower priced Farella with cav 50 integrated. Farella/CAV 50 was obviously inferior combo to the Skiff/CJ? amp. The Skiff was dynamic, detailed and what impressed me most was tight, realistic bass. At the same sitting i had chance to listen Martin Logan SL (bigger brother of Arius) with all CJ gear, and Skiff was clean overall winner, by my standards. They are nice looking speakers too.
Thanks for clarifying. I will see if I can find a dealer nearby.
I always wonder why folks buy amps before the speaker.I would choose speaker first and if it can use softening or better mids get a tube rig.If it needs bass control solid state.Check the magazines like Stereophiles Recomended components issue to see class B or A speakers.You want not only to check sensitivity in Db's but like with B&W's great value Nautilus 803 it might be 90db sensitive but it drops to a 3 ohm load.Meaning?Your amp would run out of gas.I have owned it's predecessor (MV50) and think a good coherent two way monitor would be good.Joseph 7's or B&W 805 etc etc.You would also need to let folks what your budget is.Infinity is making sensitive revealing stuff.haven't heard the (like cabsasse) french Triangle stuff but supposed to give good bang for buck.Lot's of stuff out there.What have you lsitened to?How big is room?Budget?How loud what kind of music?The nut cases here can help you just need more lead info.
Actually, I didn't buy the amp first. I upgrade an old (15 year) amp. I used to be in the industry and had 5 pairs of speakers floating around, so I thought that one pair would work. But after 20 years the technology is so different and the fact that I have not stayed on top of it nothing sounded good. Yes, it now appears backwards, but this was something I did not expect. I am currently listening to Joseph 7 and Alon Capri. I have even taken apart one of my own speakers to see if I can do anything with it. As for budget, the room size tends to impose an ad hoc budget in the area of 2000 give or take. However, if I find something a little more or less then so be it. I am after the sound and hope not to touch the system again for another 10 years, except to play with wires. Many thanks for your comments. Always appreciate other's experience. Cheers!
Cellorover, research the following: QUAD988 $6k(electrostat)and VMP RIBBON MONITORS 1 $1600 has dual graphite 8"woofers + 10" passive + ribbon midrange + ribbon tweeter
I am using Audio Physics Virgo with a CJ11A which I have read is very close to the MV-60. Recent combination but so far I have been very pleased.
Greetings! Time to close this thread, at least from my end. The advice was great and spot on! Thanks. Taking into consideration all the variables, included my ears and sanity, I took an intermediary step and went with Meadowlark Kestrals with my own tweaks. I will give these to my daughter in a year or so and then move up to the Shearwaters. Sounds great and is where I want to be. Cheers!