Speakers for classical using my SET rig?

I am very pleased with what I have to this point and have no planes of changing anything with the exception of an additional set of speakers to use when listening to classical and big bad music.

What I have now is:

Almarro 318B 6c33c SET..18 watts

VPI Scout with 300 rpm motor and Benz wood body High output cart and SS clamp

Consonance phono amp

Cain and Cain Abbys

Rel B3 sub

Room is 12 x 14...8 foot ceiling but I rent so who knows what it could be soon.

The Abbys are GREAT but large orchestras and big bands are really too much for them to handle. What would be a good ADDITIONAL set of speakers I could switch back and forth with? Price say 1000 to 2000 dollars used. The sub is phenomenal so the bottom end isn't really an issue.

Thanks, Dean
Usher 6311s should be a very good choice or Reference 3A- decapos (satellite) or their floor=standers
2 lowther loudspeakers on Agon in your price range.
The Zingali horns are really dynamic and probably provide the strengths you're looking for with orchestral music. Mine (model 3s) tend to go a little hard when the volume is cranked, but YMMV depending on amp and room size. The old Zingali distributor OSS may have some available on closeout. I think he may also have some lowthers on hand.

Klipsch Cornwall II. Awesome detail and surprising imaging from this 102dB sensitive classic. Their only downside is their size but at least they aren't super heavy.

not that the abbys are ideal, but classical music(orchestra) is best with the grunt of a push/pull amplifier. try one before you spend any money on anything.
Old Altec speakers or Tannoy will get you home....
Look for Tannoy 15" dual concentrics.
I can't yet speak to their efficacy but I am going to be trying Audiokinesis/Duke's swarm sub system with my Lamhorns. Based on some past experience and my discussions with Duke I am fairly confident that this is going to be a winner. The system is essentially four powered subs that have been equalized to work in a real room setting. The enclosures are 10.5"x10.5" by 21" and can essentially be placed anywhere around the room (only 1 in a corner). This provides great set up options and the principles behind how it propogates bass into the room seem solid.
The whole system including the amp is in you price range.
This may not only give you what you are after for classical and "big, bad" music but other genres as well
I am not associated with Duke/Audiokinesis in any way and actually am not really endorsing the product (yet) as much as the man and the concept
I would like an effective and elegant solution when "fast" bass is a requisite.

Agree with Aball - I have Klipsch Cornwall II's myself. The Altec suggestion is also an excellent one.
Spend a little more and buy a pair of Klipschorns. You won't regret it, and you'll never look back.
Especially if you can find a vintage pair that has been updated...
I know of a really nice set. If interested, contact me...