speakers for Classical in v small room.

I'm thinking of creating a dedicated listening room in my study, as a private space and alternative to our current family music room.
This room is quite small at 12' 4" x 9' 3" x 7' 10".
I would be prepared to add whatever room treatments where necessary to maximize the rooms potential.

The problem ( if you call it that) is my musical tastes covers equally all genres and periods of so called classical music. from Anon to Xenakis, from solos to Symphonies .
So I need a well a balanced speaker that can perform as wide a range of musical scale as possible in such a room!

Based on my existing speaker preferences ( having owned larger examples)

Within my budget my initial shortlist are as follows:
1} Harbeth P3ESR ,( with possibly a small subwoofer/s)
2} the new Magnepan mini's with two of the accompanying bass panels or
3) Kef LS50 ( again possibly with a sub)
I would match whatever with an amp/source to best suit it.

I'd also place the speakers anywhere in the room to again maximize its performance ( near field, diagonal etc)

Do any member have an opinions on which of these would best fit my requirements /limitations and why.
Thanks in advance. Philip.
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Try a pair of ProAc 1SC, for about $1000. Later add an outboard sub.
The Harbeth with a rel r218 down the road
I had Harbeth Compact 7es3 and now have M30.1. I listen to about 75% classical. I highly agree with Donjr. The P3esr will delight you.
MAGICO MINI 2 wonderful in small room with classical.
Thanks for the replies . I will be able to compare the small Proac's ( which I
really like) to the Harbeths ( which I love having owned both the M30s and
M40.1s) pretty easily again as they are both in stock with my local dealer.
The Magico's I can dismiss as far to expensive ( for me).
I expect I'll end up getting the P3ERS and then compare them to the magnepan
minis ( which have a home trail I believe) and see which I like/works best in the