Speakers for Classe DR3 (Class A) Amps

I am looking for full range speakers (Approx $ 2000) which will go well with my Classe DR5 pre-amp and Classe DR3 (35 Watts pure class A) power amp. I have heard good things about Dynaudio Contour 1.3 speakers but I hear they need a lot of power. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
I would recommend "Soliloquy 5.3"Two way floorstanding dynamic loudspeak. Freq. range 35hz-20khz.And the most important in your case is recommended power 8-300W.And price is 1895/pair they are beautiful speakers.They were designed by Dennis Had from Cary audio to use them with their SET amps.
your amp will double at 4ohm and I believe keeps doubling down to 1 ohm so you can drive some of the most dificult speakers on the market depending on the size of your room the small maggies maybe the mg12 or just about any small monitor speaker will work fine you may even be able to drive the martin logan aerius
I wonder if some of the above responders have used a DR-3. Not trying to start any argument, but the power rating of that amp is very deceptive. It wasn't really rated that low due to current limits or voltage limits. But because of thermal limits. Being a class A design it could get too hot at continuous full power levels. But it had lots of headroom. It could punch out plenty of power and current on musical signals. More than 200 watts with 8 ohm speakers. And yes it doubled the output down to at least 2 ohms. It has the same approximate muscle as your basic 200 watt amp and sounded like it did. It had a bit lightweight low end compared to most other SS amps. It therefore matches up best with speakers that are warm sounding. An excellent match, one of those magical matches really, is a Mirage M3si. That is a full, warm balanced full range speaker that works better with some muscle behind it. The DR-3 just plain makes music and power is plentiful for M3si's.