Speakers for Classe CAP-150

Any CAP-150 owners out there have any suggestions? I listen to all types of music, but I am mostly into vocals. I'm looking for something <$1500 used and low bass is not a necessity. Thanks in advance.
I'm not a Classe' owner, but I've heard these amps used with Vandersteen speakers, and they sounded great. The Vandersteen 2ce falls in the <$1,500.00 category. You won't find a speaker that gives you more for your money than this one. As a bonus, you will get excellent low end extension. Good luck in your search!
I Have a CAP100 and Drive Maggies with it.(2.7's) Absolutely WONDERFUL, especially for your tastes. The new 1.6's would fit into your budget. 3.5/6's too expensive. and the 2.7's rarely turn up used.