Speakers for Celeste 4070SE -4002 Preamp

Hi Guys:
Setting up a second system based on the Celeste 4070SE-4002 combo. My musical interest is smooth jazz and classical, could I get some recommendations for either floor standing, or monitors under $1500. If it's any help my room is 11x 18 ft.
Thanks Ross
Any Meadowlark floorstander would do that amp proud. I used to run one with Meadowlark Shearwaters.

Later on, after you got your speakers, the next upgrade would be the preamp.
Hi Tobias:
Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure that I want to buy Meadowlark speakers not because I don't think they would sound good, is just that the company is out of business and if I ever needed to get them repaired for some reason not sure if parts would be an easy find here in Canada. Could you please tell me why you would upgrade the Amp, is it that bad.
Thanks Ross
Hi Ross. At the time your 4-series electronics were made, SimAudio had not yet found out how to build a great preamp. Things are different today, of course.

Your W-4070SE amp was a terrific bargain at its retail price and it is the better of your two pieces. That's why I said that in the future, you should plan to upgrade the *preamp* first. It is good, but not at the level of the power amp.

You won't know that until you listen, of course, so good luck with your speakers!
I run Triangle Antal's with an I-5 LE and like the combo a lot. The little stand-mount 2 way Triangle's were a big hit a few years ago and can be found on Agon. I've also heard Amphion's with Sim gear that are in your price range.
The little standmount 2-way Triangles... those would be the Comète I think. They are excellent at their price point but note their sensitivity is 90 or 91 dB, which is more than the 4070SE absolutely needs. ( I run a pair of Triangle Titus SE, smaller than the Comète but also standmount, with a 25 WPC tube amp. )

Ross, if it were me and I didn't want to risk a Meadowlark, I would look to Audio Physik ; maybe the Tempo or the Step.