Speakers for Bryston B135 integrated

I have PSB Synchrony II speakers but unsatisfied with bottom octive lacking weight.
Bryston B135 integrated is a very good amp connected to BCD-1 & Rega/dynavector turntable.
For a modest size room
Price under $3500
Recommend/suggestions welcome
I would ask this question at the Bryston forum at Audiocircle. James Tanner of Bryston is the moderator.
I have the Bryston B100 and using Paradigm studio 60v5's and am pleased with the match,good low end and plenty of power reserve and excellent high end with no ear fatigue at high levels.
Paradigm or Axiom.
I have had the Bryston B-135 for a couple of months now. May I say, good choice ! It replaced my B-100. I must ask how many hours you have on it to date? The reason being, I found the B-135 came to the fore after about 100 hours of break in at average to fairly loud listening levels (never powered down even to standby). It is now absolutely stunning! The biggest difference I noticed was in the bottom end, the least in the top end. It certainy is better than the B-100. An improvement greater than even I expected.
My first consideration would be the addition of the PSB Sub Series 500 Subwoofer. You would be VERY hard pressed to find a speaker under $6-7000.00 a pair that would match the mids and top end of your Synchrony II's, and be able to deliver the bottom end accurately. Never mind there near perfect imaging! A very good less expensive alternative would be the NHT B-12d subwoofer (exceptional value).
Ahh, audio advice... take it or leave it eh.
Cheers; dmacg
That was very helpful ideas,thanks
Pioneer S-2ex
Just came back to see your thread Fishing716. I wonder, how do you like your B-135? Also, I believe the NHT B-12d
to be the best subwoofer (musical) I have heard personally.
I haven't heard the PSB, though I am sure it is very good.
Bryston B135 is very good
I also like Musical Fidelity M6 pre & prx But the prx had a low level hum that I couldn't accept so returned it.
I had the Bryston B-100 with the Bryston BCD-1 cd player and Joseph Audio RM7XL speakers. Individually nice pieces however didn't care for the Bryston/Joseph Audio match. Always sounded like equipment more than humans playing instruments. The Bryston did a great job of grabbing a hold of images and produced a nice low end however I think my Josephs were a bit neutral for the match, not bright but certainly detailed, leaving the sound a bit mechanical, lacking the mid range realism I prefer. Kept the BCD-1, got rid of the B-100 and moved up the Joseph line to the Pulsars. In other words, I would look for a speaker a little ripe in the middle. Jay
Thiel CS 2.4 loudspeakers.
Bryston mini T could be a good option.
Can you guys comment on the newest iteration B-135 cubed (3)?