Speakers for Bryston 4B-SST

Anyone have any opinions on speaker lines that match up well with Bryston? I just ordered a 4B-SST and will be looking to upgrade speakers in the next several months. Mainly listen to Light Jazz, Christian Contempory and Older Rock through both CD, SCAD and Tuner. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
A lot of people might use that amp to drive magnapan 1.6's.
I have found the Bryston 4B-ST to mate very nicely with my Vandersteen 3A Signatures, and the new 4B-SST should be even better.
Tyler Acoustic speakers www.tyleracoustics.com
try the taylo ref monitor or the taylo ref 1 or ref 2. If you have the money go for the Linnbrook.

You may want to search the archives regarding tyler stuff - search under tyler and taylo .

I have the Ref 2's and am driving them with a pair of Classe dr-9 amps. His speakers are made for SS amps of which Bryston is one of the best bargains out there.
I have a friend who has the Bryston 4 (an older one) with Maggie 1.6s and I can't believe how good it sounds. All in all his system is the biggest bang for the buck I have heard. Your listening prefrences would seem to match very well with what the 1.6s excell at as well.
Definetly check out the PMC speaker line. PMC is a British company that works directly with Bryston. Bryston distributes PMC in North America, and PMC distributes Bryston in UK. Go to "bryston.ca" for info. Almost any movie in recent history use Bryston/PMC for mastering soundtracts. Many major recording studios are using Bryston/PMC for mastering. I use a 3B-ST amp and PMC FB-1 speakers. Perfect match.
While I wish you the best of luck, I can't help but believe your doing this backwards. IMHO, you would be better off buying an amp that matched your speakers. Speakers can be a lot fussier with regard to room compatabilty. I generally find much greater sonic differences with speakers than amps.
Thanks to everyone to date for the great speaker suggestions.

Unsound: Normally I would offer the same advice. I usually upgrade every 7 years or so, however, my 8 year old Denon amp had to be put to pasture (served me well all of these years), so I needed to start the upgrade with a good Amp. With the bryston and I felt I would have an extremely good selection of speakers to pick from to continue the upgrade.

Again thanks to all.
Thiel CS6, CS3.6, CS2.3 depending on your preamp and source components not being to dry and bright.
B&W Nautiluus 802's ( with Tact rcs 2.0 and Sony SCD 1 ), my set wich is a dreamteam. ( cabling: Nordost Red Dawns + Siltech HF9 G3 as digital interlink.

Bram Hillen ( Holland )
I second Ty's Linbrook speakers - work very well with my Rogue 99 Magnum/4B-SST combo.
I would definitely consider the gold ref series from Monitor Audio, or maybe even the silver series. The new redesigned drivers are much better then in the past and yield an incredible accurate tight sound.
Thanks to all for your suggestions. I just purchased a used pair of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook monitors direct from Tyler Acoustics and am pleased as hell. The soundstage, clarity and bass of these speakers is exactly what I was looking for, and the build quality and appearence are out of this world. Ty's company is great to work with and his products IMO speak for themselves. There are, I know, better speakers out there by specs and reviews; but for my needs, budget and most importantly my ears, the linbrooks do it all.

I did recently add a ARC SP16 tube pre to the Bryston and now, combined with the Linbrooks, am finally off the upgrade path (for now...you all know how this hobby is)and can concentrate on acquiring music and listening.

Thanks Again.