Speakers for Bryson 4B sst2

Am looking a speaker to match with my Bryston 4B sst2 and 26 pre amp? Have auditioned the Wilson Sophia 3 and focal 1038? Any other recommendations in the $10 to $20k range?

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Agreed, that amp will drive any consumer rated speaker available in this galaxy. You need to find another conditional filter. with your budget you should audition everything you can to find the sound that suits you,

I have the predecessors of your stuff (4b sst and bp-20)and going strong now for 9 years or so.
I would take a few $$ and put a tube preamp between the Bryston and speakers. I have matched a CJ tube pre with the 4B and the combo is magical. I found Bryston to be a bit cool and analytical but add a nice tube section and it's hard to beat. B&W Matrix - tube pre - Bryston 4BSST is very nice.
I have the same amplifier. I just purchased the Revel F208s, and it is a very good match. Prior I had the PSB Gold i. That was a very good match also.
Bryston and PMC have a long history together. I run PMC IB2i with the big Bryston monoblocks (using a tube preamp) and I'm very pleased with the combo. They need to be tri-wired, though, for best results.
Bryston has a line of speakers too. never heard them or heard from anyone else that has.
I use JBL S4700s with the Bryston 4BSST amp. The JBLs are $15000 list price.
I had a new 4B-ST that I bought in Montreal for about a year driving a pair of used Thiel CS7s and, though the combination worked very well, on some recordings with a lot of bass, I could get the amp to start lighting the clip LEDs at not very high volumes. Moving to 7B-STs solved that problem. Then again, the 7s are about as tough to drive properly as anything out there. As long as your speakers don't dip below 4 Ohms at a minimum impedance (CS 7s went down to 2.3 Ohms as I recall), you'll be fine.
Update to my initial posting:

I went with Wilson sasha 1s. And the Bryston amp is a very nice match.
Love the system...sit for hours playing music over and over.
Cool, glad you made out. It's nice to hear that, rather than the usual horror stories.