Speakers for BAT system?

I am building a new system after many years of absence from this hobby. I know that usually it is advised to start with the speakers and once you've selected speakers that sound "right" to you, next you build the system that complements the speakers. I came across a good deal on some BAT equipment and could not resist... So, it's like this so far:
Meridian 588, BAT VK-31SE and BAT VK-250. Now I am looking for speakers that would be a good match to the rest of the system. I mostly listen to Blues, Jazz, Acoustic and Spanish/Flamenco guitar but some Classic Rock and Classical music CD's also get a workout sometimes. Can you guys suggest some speakers so I can narrow the choices down and start auditioning them?
Give us a budget and whether you want monitors or floor standers?
I have BAT VK-150SE's,VK-5SE and VK-D5SE.Speakers are B&W Nautilus 803's and I love it.For Classical,Acoustic,Rock,everything sounds amazing.
I have a 31se and vk-250. Absolutely love Wilson Benesch speakers (I have Arcs with REL sub). They are coherent, still detailed , with great power. The most unboxy sounding box speaker available.
The room is 22x15, no treatments but has a rug and a sofa. I would prefer floor standers. My budget is $4k.
Time for a pair of Magnepan 1.6's or 3.6's. or Vandersteen 2's or 3's.
I have a BAT VK55/3ix combination driving a pair of Hyperion 938 loudspeakers and highly recommend auditioning this amazing speaker along with the other suggestions that are being presented. It may be a challenge to find a dealer that has a pair in stock to demo, but I feel that it is well worth the effort.

Good luck in your speaker search.
My current system consists of a Meridian 508.24 cd player, Bat vk5i preamp with nos amperex tubes, Conrad Johnson MF2500a amp (250wpc), and Aerial 7b speakers. Kind of similiar to you system. My system is excellent with acoustic material and better than average with complex rock. I'd recommend a pair of Aerial 10t's. I just noticed a pair on AG for $2900. At one time, they were Stereophile's speaker of the year(-1998?). Your amp should be okay to drive the Aerials, especially if you have the bat-pak option. Good hunting! Stan
What do you guys think of the Von Schweikert VR4jr? I have not listened to them yet but I read some very positive reviews on them. Will they be synergistic with BAT gear?
You would do well to try some Merlins,VSM-MM's used are in your range.They are exceptional on all levels.Good luck,Bob
I'm running VR4jrs with all BAT gear and it is a really nice match. The caveat is that I'm running a VK60 (until I locate a 75se), so YMMV. Do take the time to audtion them. They are definitely worth consideration.