Speakers For Balanced Audio Technology Amplifiers

     Recently I have bought a BAT VK-3000SE Integrated Amplifier.  Please let me suggest some speakers that does well with BAT Amplifiers.  I am expecting your valuable suggestions since there is no chance of Audition in our area.  Thanks in advance.
Room Size: L-17 W-11 H-10 Prefer Floor Standers.  Budget within 4500USD (Pre-owned)
I've owned two VK-300SE and love them. Currently using with Thiel 2.4SE. This would work very well in your smaller room. You could probably use Thiel 1.7 and a quality 10 inch sub as well.

Let us know how your VK-3000SE works out.
P.S. Did Victor use those fancy NOS "DR" 6H30 tubes in the 3000SE? 
Nice! dweller-
fellow 2.4SE owner here as well. How do you like the synergy between Thiel & B.A.T. ? What other gear, including cabling, is in your rig?

Happy Listening!
Used pair of Silverline LaFolias ~ $4k, used Maggie 3.6s, Vandersteen Treo or maybe Quatro(not wood version which would be out of price range). If you are willing to consider satellite & subs, Evolution Acoustics MM1 + Rel or JL sub. Cheers,
Yes, the DR 6H30 Tubes are used.  Did you liked the synergy between Thiel 2.4 and BAT.  Thanks.
Synergy? Yes, very much. I have my system boxed-up for a cross-country move. I had the Thiels on the sort wall of my 16.5 x 21 ft. listening room. I think they would sound much better on the long wall (something about compressing the sound in a smaller (projection) space).

Will have to try this in my new home.

Main System:
BAT VK-300SE w/NOS DR tubes
Thiel 2.4SE speakers (elevated 8" on home made stands) 
Wireworld Eclipse 7 speaker cable
Oppo 105
Rega DAC Mk-I
Wireworld glass fiber TOS
Ayre phono head amp
VPI Classic II turntable
Sumiko Blackbird
Shunyata Hydra 8 power conditioner
Shunyata Venom HC from wall to Hydra
Shunyata Venom 15 & 20 amp PCs for equipment
Harmonic Technology Magic RCA & XLR  
Thank You dweller.
Anybody having experience with Dynaudio & BAT?  Thanks.
Sort of. The Silverline La Folia I mentioned above is a four-way bass-reflex design incorporating the pricey Dynaudio T330D Esotar 1 1/4" soft-dome tweeter, a Dynaudio D76AF 3" soft-dome midrange, a Scan-Speak 7" carbon-fiber/paper midrange/woofer, and a Focal 11" polyglass woofer. Lots of other manufacturers use Dynaudio drivers too. 
So there's half an answer for you...Cheers,

what is/are the difference(s) in the VK-300x SE, VK-300 SE and VK-3000SE ?
While I'm not a huge Wilson Audio fan, one of the better sounds I've heard at a show was a pair of Watt Puppys (either 7s or 8s, can't remember) powered by BAT gear.  Very dynamic with great imaging and tone.  There's a pair of Sophias and some older Watt Puppys for sale here in your price range.  Best of luck. 

I ran Dyn C1s off a BAT 300xSE and it worked beautifully.

Wilson and BAT tubes historically a great combo...and some use Rockport with their SS amps.