Speakers for Ayre ax-7e -- Vadersteen, Linn, PSB

I know this is a frequent advice question but I still value the numerous opinions I have read and seek more advice. I have assembled a nice initial Ayre audio setup -- AX-7e integrated amp and C-5xemp with balanced interconnects. This setup is currently connected to some old low end speakers - so I need to upgrade. I have read, received advice, etc. about the following speakers with the above setup:
-- Vandersteen 2ce sigII
-- PSB synchrony one
-- Linn Majik Isobariks
-- Thiel 2.4

the room setup is the following -- wood floors and high ceilings in Living Room, have good amount of furniture and a few thick oriental rugs, but still a lot of bare floor including where the speakers will sit. Approximate size is 14' x 24'. As this is the nicest sitting area in the house changing rooms not an option.

By the way have tested some BWs and Polk that just did not cut it. Also will check out a pair of Sonus Faber demo Cremonas from local dealer.

Thanks for your feedback!
I use the Sig IIs with my AX-7. Ayre and Vandersteen really sound great together. Highly recommended; you can do better but not for anything close to that price! I used to have Thiel 1.6s which were a bit more transparent than the Sig IIs but overall not as musical and full sounding. I have also heard the AX-7 (not in my room) driving Thiel 2.4 and Vandersteen 3A Sigs. Both of these sounded excellent but, if you like to listen at high SPLs, the AX-7 will start to run out of steam driving those loads. For whatever reason, the 3A Sigs are a bit more difficult load to drive than the Sig IIs. Another reason I don't own the 3As is that they're another 8" taller than the Sig IIs - that's a bit too much of a monolith for my living room!

I really like Thiels (especially the 3.7 which is flat out awesome) but prefer the Vandersteen sound a bit more (ie, comparing 2 Ce and 3A to 1.6 and 2.4). To my ears, they're more full and musical.

I've not heard the PSB, Linn, or Sonus Faber. You didn't say what your budget is but, if it were me, I'd also consider the Aerial 7T and Avalon Idea. At any rate, the Sig IIs would NOT be a mistake. Happy listening.
Any concern of the 2ce SigIIs being too bright in my space (lots of hardwood, high ceilings) or do you feel they are a pretty rich sound speaker (not to bright). This is one of the reasons I am considering the new Linn Majic Isobariks - strong bass presense.

Thanks for your feedback -- definately keeping the Sig IIs top of mind!
My room is 18 x 19' with a vaulted ceiling that goes to 14'. There is tile on 1/3 of the floor space and a brick wall on one side with the wood stove. I've put throw rugs in a few spots including under the Sig IIs and a couple on the side wall. My room does benefit from two large openings on the rear wall. I certainly don't consider the Sig IIs as bright and don't think I've ever heard or read any other opinions that they are. Quite the contrary, Vandersteens are often said to err a bit on the warm, laid-back side. That said, I will offer three warnings:
1) With the AX-7, crazy SPLs are out of the question with a low-efficiency speaker such as Vandersteen. If you're like me, however, you don't require rock-concert levels. My set-up plays plenty loud for my tastes.
2) Break-in takes a couple of weeks. Take the time to dial in the speaker locations, including tilt and toe-in. Be patient (mine went thru' a phase for a couple of days where I thought I had made a mistake) and be sure to fill the stands with sand.
3) The midrange *can* be somewhat veiled depending on cabling. I was able to get a clear, open sound after I bi-wired with two pairs of Ayre Signature cables. That was an expensive upgrade that I would never have afforded except that I was able to get a good deal on demos. A few months ago, Vandersteen upgraded the midrange driver to the same unit as in the 5A (woven cone). Thus, it's possible that the midrange is now more open than with my iteration.

But let me finish by saying that, IMO, the Sig IIs are the best speaker in their price range. I think that you have to spend multiples of their price to get appreciably better sonics. Stuff like the 3A Sig and, maybe, Thiel 2.4, Avalon Idea, etc. *might* be a bit better. But if I ever upgrade, I want it to be a notable jump. I'm thinking Vandersteen Quatro or Thiel 3.7 or Vivid B1 will be needed to get to the next step. Those products are out of my budget for now.
Thanks for the continued feedback ---- your comments are consistent on everything I have read, but with more supporting info behind it.

Thanks again -- will report back as I check each option out.
The Vandersteen recommendation is sound. If you want a stand mount speaker, consider something from the Green Mountain Audio line. Both GMA and Vandersteen take time and phase coherence seriously, and given the design considerations of Ayre, they do too (hence, one of the reasons Ayre / Vandersteen are often paired together). 2ce Sig II's would have overloaded my room, therefore I went with the GMAs + 2 subs (for more control over the low end).