Speakers for Audiolab 8000S

Hello - I've been reading a TON around here, trying to decide on some new/used speakers for an Audiolab 8000S. The budget is pretty variable, but capped around 1k. I had thought about some Revel M20's for 1.2k, but then read great reviews about Quad L series, whose bookshelfs can be had for much less, then started thinking about smaller floorstanders. So hit me with some opinions please. Also, unfortunately I'm a surgical resident so saving cash is preferable to spending lots (but if it's worth it) and I won't realistically be able to check out too many, meaning I'll look around the 'gon, local dealers (SF anyone?) and make a choice based on reviews and opinions.

Thanks much - Mike

I own an AUDIOLAB 8000S and it mathes very well whith Monitor Audio (in my case i have the monitor 700 PMC" with Straight Wire Encore II cable.

Lisbon - Portugal
It is a good amp. I am not aware of any serious potential for mismatch. As long as your speakers don't need more than 60 w/ch it should work well.

At your budget of 1K, at any budget really, you should look at used speakers here at A'gon. If you buy used, you get better speakers for your money, and you can sell them for practically no loss if you upgrade again. With new, you lose a lot of money each time you upgrade. So, if you want to buy new and if you already have a listenable system, I would suggest waiting until you can save more. With used it doesn't matter.

Unlesss you have no interest in bass, I would look within the category of "full range floorstanders". Of course, used market is a matter of chance and opportunity, so be open minded. I have no expertise on specific models at this price level, but by casual scanning here are a few candidates at A'gon:


Good luck.