Speakers for Audiolab 8000S

Hello - I've been reading a TON around here, trying to decide on some new/used speakers for an Audiolab 8000S. The budget is pretty variable, but capped around 1k. I had thought about some Revel M20's for 1.2k, but then read great reviews about Quad L series, whose bookshelfs can be had for much less, then started thinking about smaller floorstanders. So hit me with some opinions please. Also, unfortunately I'm a surgical resident so saving cash is preferable to spending lots (but if it's worth it) and I won't realistically be able to check out too many, meaning I'll look around the 'gon, local dealers (SF anyone?) and make a choice based on reviews and opinions.

Thanks much - Mike

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I own an AUDIOLAB 8000S and it mathes very well whith Monitor Audio (in my case i have the monitor 700 PMC" with Straight Wire Encore II cable.

Lisbon - Portugal