Speakers for Audio Research VT100MK2


I am looking for speakers that match well with VT100 . I actually have Dynaudio Contour 2.8 that is not a good match, probably the low impendance. What do you suggest?
A few years back, a friend of mine paired them with Dunlavy IV's. They sounded great.
Vandersteen is a natural with ARC. A pair of 2Ce Sig. II or 3 sig. would be excellent.
I agree with Vandersteens. Dunlavys sound better with a sweeter sounding amp.
Proac is a great match with ARC.
Vandersteen Quattros are nice with AR amps too. The Wood Quatrros are even nicer.
Green Mountain Audio speakers work well with ARCs too. That's what I use with my VSi60. My friend uses Thiels (3.7s?) with his ARC (VS60), and it's very similar to my setup. I think any of the so-called "time-aligned" speakers are good matches with ARC amps, although I don't know why this would be.