speakers for arcam integrated

im getting ready to purchase either arcam fmj a28 or a38. anybody with experience with either amp and any speaker recommendations would be much appreciated.
Great amp--they sound very sweet, not a negative, but musical comment. My first high end gear was the famous, A-60 Arcam.
Could you share a budget?? Sometimes setting the price without knowledge of what your dollar buys is a frustrating experience.
In the $1K price range floor standing, the Vandersteen 1C. It's kind of a no brainer. Some may not like the Cloth exterior, but that's another subject. 38Hz bass, and very efficient at 90db1W1M.
For a Bookshelf, excuse the excess for recommending my LSA's in Rosewood--at the same $1K. Very attractive, (high wife factor). They MUST be biwired, (doesn't have to be expensive, just bi wire--they don't sound anything like they can single wired.) I only made them strappable to make them easier for initial hook ups for newb's.
Either speaker will give you great fun and sound.
Good listening,
Good luck,
Not sure of your budget or room size, but I've heard entry level Dynaudio monitors paired with Arcam @ a local dealership that sounded nice, and also own some old Dynaudio Audience 42's paired with an old Arcam integrated in my bedroom system. The Vandersteen 1C's are also a high value speaker that might work well, if you are okay with their appearance.
I'm sure that by now you might have settled on a pair of speakers for your Arcam amp.

But, if you haven't and for other interested readers, audition the A38 with a pair of B&W 805s. Or better still, if you can get them, a pair of B&W 705s. I have auditioned an Arcam A18/P38 combination with both the 805s and 705s and was impressed. I liked the sound of the 705s better, but that's probably because I have those and am used to the sound they produce.
Quad dynamic speakers (L/L2 series) are magical with Arcam IMO.