Speakers for ARC VT-100. Desire AIR

I have a fairly small room 8 foot ceiling about 10 x 20. I would like the sound to be as airy as possible. Pre-amp is ARC LS -15, CD player NAIM 3.5, all cabling is ARC. I'd appreciate any suggestions. I was thinking of ProAc speakers.
As usual, I recommend the KEF Reference-II. these were made for something like the ARC VT-100 (which I currently own). Before committing to anything else, make sure the speaker has a tube friendly impedance curve. My Audio Artistry Dvoraks are a tough load and sound flat and confused with the VT-100. Lately, I've been trying solid state amps and the Dvoraks and they just light up and sound wonderful! I've used the KEF's with an ARC Classic-60 and the sound is all you could ask for. Hope this helps...
If you are OK with their size,the 1700 retail magnepan 1.6 was an outstanding match for the vt100. The (3200ish) audio physic tempo III's, and the (5700) virgos are wonderful with nice small footprints. I've heard proac's are a good match too. They are similar to audio physic with their minimonitor imaging quick bass. One of my friends is selling a beautiful set of tempo III's. Send me an email and I'll put you in touch.
I really like the suggestions this John fellow has suggested...I wonder if I know him??? Also, the Thiel stuff works pretty well with the VT100. What price range are we in for speakers however? The amp is $5k range for speakers (40-50% off sytem sound) that are on the less pricy side in comparison...? Of all these speakers mentioned, for a variety of music, I like the Proac 2.5's and above with that amp you have. Although the Audio Physics Tempo's are very musical, and the more refined Virgos (APhys) are great tube friendly's, but not super strong bass punch. Have fun!
I am using a vt100 mkII with the large maggies. Unbeleivable air and soudstaging.