Speakers for Aragon/Acurus

Currently looking for front mains to match Aragon Soundstage & Acurus 125 x 5. Room is 20 x 16. Due to openings & windows the listening area is across the room (16 ft). The wall space is approximatly 7 ft with a 42 inch
armoir, leaving about 1 1/2 feet on each side.
Can anyone suggest a match for this system? Would like to stay under 4k since I will be looking for center/rears/ & sub in the near future. Thanks in advance.
Lokk at the Von schweikert VR 3.5s.Right at your price range.If you can swing a little more cash also the VR4 gen IIIs.
We recommend the Silverline Audio (http:www.silverlineaudio.com) Sonatina floorstanding monitors. They are right at your price point, are an extremely easy load on your amplifier, offer a unique "slanted backward" platform from the typical rectangular floorstanding shape -very elegant.

The Sonatina will play music exceptionally well (Winning the Sound Stage! Reviewer's Award both in 1999 and 2001), as well as providing a wonderful presence for home theater.

Also, the Sonatina is voice matched with their Center Stage (center channel), and their SR15 (for the surrounds) -the SR12's will work well as well if you want to go for a less expensive home theater system. Happy listening!