Speakers for an installed system.

I'm going to set up a system for some background music in my finished attic. The room is roughly 25ft long with cathedral ceilings. The knee walls are about 4ft tall. The top is low, about 7'4 ... I have a PA amp laying around, that I thought might work well for the install. It's a QSC 850, and I was curious what speakers you guys would suggest. Also where should I position the speakers in an odd shaped room like this. I see that JBL makes some nice little mountable speakers. I know this isn't audiophile level stuff, but on a cheap budget, I thought it would be great to have some music in the attic.
You might consider omnidirectional speakers. You get excellent dispersion for better balance and good sound quality throughout the room. On a budget, check out the Mirage Omnisat or OMD-5 with a sub. Reviews have been very good. Test results are about what would be expected from a satellite/sub system, but for background music they should do a nice job and appear to be a good bang-for-the-buck.