speakers for a small room

First of all a happy new years to all.

this isn't another thread for speaker suggestions, but is instead a three parter of other sorts. I'm building a small listening room at the moment, in a small section of the basement willed to me by the spouse. The dimensions will be roughly 13W x 14L x 9H.

1) is this room large enough for two systems? I would like to have both a SS and tube system.
2) the SET system will have 2-way bookshelf speakers, but I would like the SS setup to be hooked to planar/electrostatic speakers. Is the room too small for these types of speakers (Apogee, Acoustat, Eminent, etc)
3) the room is in the middle of the basement and will have 2 sets of 30" doors. Would placing the speakers, with either the one or two sets between a set of doors be breaking audio taboos (the door is centered on one of the walls)? I'm planning to acoutically treat the room with some DIY later, but want to first test with the equipment.

the systems will have CD/SACD and TTs, also my listening tastes stretch from jazz, vocals to rock.
thanks all for your feedback to my newbie Qs
I'm sure you could fit 3 or 4 systems in there, but I would only have 1. I would think you could take the sum of the money from 2 systems and make 1 system that is better than either system for all your listening needs. IOW, take the funds necessary for a SET amp + SS amp and get a better/higher power SET or better/class A SS amp (or just better in either case). Same with speakers.

I have a 12' x 13' x 9' room, and I tried Maggie 12s, 1.6s, Martin Logan Ascents in there, and it wasn't until I put smaller speakers in my room that I stopped fighting the room. But others have had success with putting those size speakers in similar rooms. 2 rigs in there is too much, IMO. But...
Thanks for the reply Sebrof

I'm just getting into tubes and already have some entry level SS equipment to start with. As planars are known to be hard to drive with tubes on budget I was thinking of using my old SS Counterpoint amps for them. As the room acoustics are improved I will then continue my quest for better tube equipment.

As you mentioned, I will eventually pair it down to one setup, but not yet impartial to tubes, as a final SS setup is still a possibility. I have small Maggie set up in the den which is nice, but not the sound I was looking for, while the soundstage is full and none of the notes in a jazz piano solo were particularily tight.
If you mean is it ok to put one speaker on each side of the door opening, yes, that is fine. Not ideal, but ok
I am in the process of setting up my room very similar to you guys (13.5 X 12.5 X 9). What did you do different, so that the music quality is not sacrificed in this squarish room? I am thinking of treating the room with GIK Acoustic panels.

OP, I read a thread on the net where a person had a door between his speakers, but used "thick Roman shaded" to cover the glass on it. Apparently the door became a non-issue. I am myself considering this type of correction for my doors.
I am in a 12 x 13 x 9 room. I currently am using audience clairaudient 2+2 monitors and they work very well. I had quad esl63 before and the room was definitely too small for them. Most planers, electrostats need room to breathe. I would advise against that type of speaker for your small space
Wcheng, that's what I've heard about planars, larger ones may need about 6 ft which would put the speakers smack in the middle of the room. However, I really enjoy the sound of planars for vocal music, though I don't intend to cram one in if not feasible. Are there smaller planars designed for smaller rooms?, like the older Apogee Stage, which is relatively diminutive, but still a full range planar.

I can't speak for what I've done, as I'm still in the construction phase for the room and just doing alot of reading till I'm ready for acoustic treatments. My plans are to keep the plain box room to start and slowly add treatments along the way. For now, I am planning to use the rigid fiberglass and plywood floating DIY bass traps. Alternatively, I am also considering the Realtrap panels.

Has anyone tried either of these products or designs?
Milpai - I guess you could say I've done 3 things to improve the sound in my small box of a room:
1. Speakers appropriate for the room. I ended up with smallish floorstanders, but I suppose monitors and a sub could work well, too. I did not have success with bigger speakers in here.
2. Room treatments. You can see on my system page
3. Diagonal setup. See the paper by Steve Deckert - http://www.decware.com/paper14.htm

Each of these 3 things helped a lot, and at this point I feel like I'm getting close to the best from my system in this room.
You should not have more than 2 speakers in a room unless they are all running, or the 2nd set is shorted out, due to distortion. I too was thinking of putting a SS system in addition to my tube system, for times I only want to play it for 3 hours or less to save on tubes.
I am using realtraps in my room and they are fantastic. The best purchase I've made in this hobby, and I've made many