Speakers for a Rega system

I have an all-Rega system -- DAC, Brio-R amp, and RS3 speakers. Recently I have been thinking that I could do better on the speakers but don't want something that would be an over-kill for the system (perhaps under $2,500 retail?). I mostly listen to classical jazz and the room is probably 300 sq ft.
that all-Rega kit synergy -- properly implemented -- is tough to beat. I have R1s in my B system and I have an all REGA A system (Rega Osiris / Rega Isis / Rega R9s)

Q1: what's missing for you? Why I ask is because REGA SYNERGY nirvana requires appropriate speaker cables, ICs, and power chords.

Speaker cables: I've swapped in/out quality Atlas Ascent, Van Den Hul Teatrack and REGA's own QUATTRO in my systems

ICs: ditto: ATLAS Navigator all-cu, VDH, Rega Couple, Nordost Frye (current A system)

Power chords (Rega's own brand work very well)

A little experimenting with these first would my first step IMO.
The speaker you own is wonderful. Stop looking. It works beautifully in the context of your system.
Yes, perhaps I should stop looking :). Kind of wish I bought the RS5 speakers instead.

I think I could use a bit more bass though, and in general I figured that getting speakers one level up price-wise could only make things better.

As far as the cords and cables, I have not bought into the idea of getting high-end stuff yet so I just use generic ones - could that be the issue?
a couple of comments:

(1)Speaker placement to improve bass response - have you moved the speakers as close to the back wall as you can? it makes a big difference in increased bass response.

(2) ICs, speaker cables, power chords: the effect of quality in these cannot be understated. The effects can be huge! REGA COUPLE ICs, REGA QUATTRO or SC42 speaker cable, REGA's own power chords (all of these are custom made for REGA to Rega specs by KLOTZ in Germany) are great quality, actually recommended by REGA as premium performers with all REGA gear, and an affordable bargain to boot.

(3) Small question please re: your recorded audio digital files? What format are the? FLAC or AIFF or ??.

The better the stored digital file format (less compression) results in a a not-so-subtle increase in performance particularly in bass response and overtall detail.
the regas are really good speakers and, as noted, work well with your system--the only thing they lack is a lot of dynamic slam, which is not a criticism. you might try investing $500 or less on a sub (something like a hsu or a smaller martin logan)--i bet it'll liven things up considerably.
I agree with all of the above on the Regas being a great match and extremely enjoyable. I also agree, however, that the R3s are a bit laid back and musical, all be it a bit euphonic and a bit "loose and bloated". Not a bad thing in a synergistic system, but the Brio R raises the bar with control of the music and additional extension in the bass. The R5 tightens things up a bit, but still exhibits Rega speaker qualities.

The new Brio can now take advantage of a tighter, more resolute speaker than ever before. There are few floor stand speakers in the price range you mention that are musical and will match up well with Rega.

I just heard Neat Acoustics Motive 2 small floor stander on a both Rega and naim gear and was quite impressed. Much of the great qualities of the Rega speaker, but with improvements in all the weak areas. Much better rhythm, timing, dynamics, and extension. I think the price is not far off the Rega R5.

Just a thought if you can find them.
Thanks for all, the responses.

The speakers are pretty close to the wall but I will try pushing them in a but more. The files I use are in Apple lossless format.

I will look into better cables or a sub, and if all fails, then perhaps other alternatives such as Neat Acoustics.
Neat and Harbeth are good choices.
Have you experimented with the woofers facing in vs out and vice versa? In some rooms, the woofers in works best, and in others woofers out works best.

I certainly agree that quality cables help, but I haven't found that they transform a system; rather, they enhance it. If you're looking for more bass, better cables may not be your long term answer IMO. Many disagree. I'm just reporting what my ears tell me.
Just ordered Quattro speaker wires - figured they are inexpensive enough to try; will get Rega's own interconnects as well, and swap the speakers to make the woofers face inward. Wondering what effect all of these would have. The Neat speakers do look nice though.