Speakers For A Mini System

I want to buy a one unit mini system for another room in my house. I am considering an Arcam Solo or Solo Mini, a Cambridge Audio One or NAD C715. I do not want separate components for this space, not even an integrated and CDP. I am looking for some advice on what type of speaker to pair with such a system, as I have no experience whatsoever with mini systems. I'm looking to spend about $400 used on the speakers. One thought that I had was Totem Mites or Dreamcatchers, might they work? BTW, I have read positive reviews of the Denon D M37 which includes its own speakers. Has anyone actually hard this system?
i own era 5s ,bought new for 6,but in the used market a better price can be found, i am using an arcam movie and love it. simple, what ever ,movie,music, and the era speakers are excellent in balance from top to bottom. the 4s are around also but i have not heard them. there is a dealer who has closeouts, a certain wood , up new...i have also used them with a linn classic with great results...dwhitt
Totems and little Ushers are great but I would also listen to I would think about Aperion.A few more bucks NHT SB or Classics that you can afford).Some times (like now on 'Gon)you can find a used pair of Quads.I have the $1100 self powered one in my mini rig (got a great deal for $400 on 'Gon) and there is pair up now and my guess is they would blow away the respectable NAD amps.I got a great deal at $400 myself though I wish I had found a pair of 12L powered (or passive) for bass.But Totem makes a value product.Just some options for a bit more low end.I would stay away from Denon mini systems (In sold them years ago)bought one with Mission speakers.Build quality does not hold up and when one element craps out (Switches,the CD tray whatever) you lose all elements to repair or total scrapping so keep it separate.
I just set up a system with Arcam Mini Solo and Usher 520 minitors and was shocked at how good it sounded. Dynamic, with respectable detail and bass on 24" massed stands. Acoustic piano, voice and acoustic bass were all very decent.
I like the Epos speakers. Started with the 303 then moved up to the M5 and now the M5i. I'm quite pleased.I have the speakers on an open shelf where they are 6 inches from the back wall. No significant bass problem. I find them to be more neutral than the Totem speakers I auditioned. Good luck.
I did pretty much exactly what you are considering. I wound up with a NAD L73 receiver/disc player for $499 from Saturday audio exchange (same price all over from other locations like audio advisor including free shipping deals) and hooked it to a set of ERA d5 units I had. SOund is pretty good but I hesitate to make quality statements as my room is a nightmare. I will say that the base is quite good for such a small setup. One reason I liked the NAD is good rep for power (60wpc rated- plenty for the D5)and a very nice universal remote. I'm really happy and with some room treatments I suspect I can improve things. I also considered the Mites and Dream Catchers and of the two I would recommend the dreamcatchers. I found them to be a bit more rounded and better in the base department. I also found the paradigm studio 20, the b&w CM1, vienna hayden's and several others to be nice and likely available used in your budget range.
I have the Silverline Minuet. Wonderful little speakers. Retail is $600 but you can get them for significantly less if you look around.

How big is the room, where are the speakers placed and how far from listening position? Reason for asking is when your dealing with these kind of systems and of course the desire for a small foot print & slick look, choosing which speaker will be easier once the questions are answered to narrow down the choices. This category of $400 speakers is quite large but a lot of them will not be the proper ones.

I second the Minuets but I do not like the quality of the finish. The Totems look great but can come across as forward and a bit bright when paired with the wrong equipment so it would be best to make sure they are auditioned first, The Usher 520 is another good possibility, so is the John Blue JB3 but that is going a different direction. A used pair of the Quad 11 looks very nice with good reviews. There are many choices but figuring out how there being used and with what equipment will matter.

Have you looked into finding a used Linn Music Classik? They're quite small, easy to use, sound good and can be bought used for a good price.

Surprisingly the Denon M37 is getting very good reviews and could be a good choice but it's a way different pedigree to the Arcam Solo.