Speakers for a large room

I have a large space that's L shaped. About 20 feet from where the speakers are to the couch. The family room opens up into a kitchen so the front wall is also close to 20ft. The ceiling is cathedral.
I have an NAD326bee but might be willing to upgrade.
We listen to music while walking about, while off axis in the kitchen and while on the far away couch.

My wife would prefer bookshelf speakers but that's not firm. What speakers at around $1500 would be appropriate for this space and how we listen (never in the sweet spot). We listen to a lot of 70s stuff rock, vocals basically no jazz or classical.
I have Always lusted after vandersteen 2 speakers but are they a poor choice given our listening positions? Would a smaller speaker like totem rainmaker or KEF r300 work?
A good compromise would be the stand mount Reference 3A de Capos. 8.25 in woofer/mid 92db sens

used 1200-1800.00
go with satellites and a sub
The PSB Imagine X2T towers seem made-to-order for your situation. They're $1298/pair, reasonably sensitive, have fairly wide, room-filling dispersion, and deep, strong, fast bass, a necessity for energizing large listening spaces.

Crutchfield's user reviews are very favorable, and some make a point of how well they work in large spaces and how deep and driving the bass goes.

They're also an Absolute Sound GoldenEar choice.

Professional reviews:
The Absolute Sound
Also, I'd recommend you upgrade your NAD integrated amp to the 150wpc NAD C 375BEE. These sound really great and have uniform current delivery throughout a variety of variable speaker loads.
Thanks. I do think that I will need to upgrade my amplifier. The NAD is a good suggestion Also toying with the idea of a vintage Sansui perhaps though I will need to research how well they do with lower impedance.
I sold audio equipment in Sansui's heyday, along with Marantz, Yamaha's first wave, Kenwood, and Hitachi. The current BEE series from NAD is worlds better, and for your listening area size and musical tastes, 150w stable into 4 ohms is the way to go.

Also, a tower speaker with a modest footprint (such as the suggested PSB tower) takes no more space than a smaller speaker on a stand. The tower has advantages in sensitivity, dynamics, and bass fullness and extension. Even among floorstanders in its size and price class, the Imagine XT2 tower has deeper bass extension.
Thanks ! I was wondering about those old amps. They and old receivers are cool but it sounds like new is better! The PSB is actually something I can look at locally unlike many higher end brands.