Speakers for a Classe CA-201

I am dying to get something new in my system and am thinking about new speakers. I have Totem Model One Signatures at the moment backed up by an NHT SubTwo. The amp is a Classe CA-201 with an Adcom GFP-750 preamp. My current source is a Rega Planet primarily but I am not going to replace it until I find an SACD player that I cannot live without. Cardas cross biwire wires connect the speakers, an RCA pair of crosses goes from CD to Preamp and I am putting in Red Rose's new premier interconnect with XLR between the amp and preamp as soon as they come. Thanks for your input everyone (P.S. Please avoid LP recommendations, I am looking into vinyl setups right now but want to familiarize myself a lot more with the options before I buy anything)
Thiel loudspeakers are often mentioned in the same breath as Classe' amps. I've owned both the 1.5s and the 2.3s, and really like them for their detailed sound. What don't you like about your Totems? That information would help others to see where you want to go with your system. -Wayne
If your room can handle it I would recommend you look into a pair of Maggies, i.e., 1.6, 2.7 or 3. I am vary familar with Maggie, Classe, and Adcom match. This is a good system match. The subwoofer you have may or may not be a good match. For full enjoyment run the Maggies with a subwoofer. I have had good luck with a M&K THX 150, however, other prefer the Carver Cube or its equal.
Replacing the Totems is motivated by two things: one, I am going to put them in a second system, two, although I like the sub very much, I want primary speakers with better extension. The Totems have wonderful speed and detail but I want more body from the speakers.
You didn't mention how much you wanted to spend on new speakers nor if you have any pre-existent leanings toward any particular type of speaker technology. I myself have always been most satisfied by high-sensitivity fully- or partially- horn-loaded speakers. In this connection, I would urge you to audition a pair of Tannoy System 1200 (or used System 12 DMT) or System 15 DMT II. These are professional studio monitors which you can't buy in hifi shops; you have to go to a pro audio shop. They list for around US$5K but I've though my local dealer sells them for considerably. 90 degree point-source dispersion, 38-25000 Hz freq. resp. (though you'd swear it goes way lower), incredible macro- and micro-dynamics (the difference between sounding live and sounding canned), well-nigh perfect phase response, 98 dB sensitivity, 200 wrms power handling (400 program), the best cabinets in the business, unforgivingly revealing of source material, happy with both tube and solid-state amplification. They're not for everyone, certainly, though most audiophiles don't even know about them because Tannoy Professional only targets the pro studio market. However, I much prefer them, especially for the price, to the much more expensive Wilsons, Thiels, B&Ws, Dynaudios, etc. A lot of people don't understand that despite their high sensitivity, to accurately reproduce the full dynamic range they are best used with high-power amplifiers. Your Classe would work nicely. Vintage Tannoys are much better known and more sought after than the contemporary Professional line -- at least by home listeners -- and if you like that "warm", "smooth" sound so beloved of some tube aficionados, they're wonderful speakers, but if you want unforgivingly revealing accuracy in a speaker that can play quiet chamber music and screaming rock 'n' roll with equal aplomb, a speaker that'll make you shiver so overwhelming is the beauty of the music it transmits, except for the $30K Tannoy Westminster Royal, I can't think of a speaker that I'd recommend as highly. Hope this helps. Joel.
The reason I did not list a price was because I want a real assortment of suggestions. If I find a $10k pair that I can't live without, I will wait a while and buy them. If I find a $3k pair, I might just buy them tommorrow. Thanks for the recommendation Avadana, I will try listening to their pro line.
moving from totems for more bass extension likely means you'd greatly miss the imaging characteristics of a "monitor" -sized speaker. hence, i highly recommend AE-2 signatures. these have room-filling sound, are completely transparent and are eyepoppingly finished. alternatively, listen to the Avalon Arcus, or, if your budget can stand it, the Opus. i've owned both AE's and Avalons, among others, presently running Avalon Eidolons. both speaker "groups" love spectral.
Cornfedboy has an excellent point with respect to losing the excellent imaging of the Totem's while gaining the "body" and low end extension of a full range floorstander. With this in mind, why don't you give a listen to Aerial 6 and 7B. I'm using two Classe 151s as monoblocks and Aerial 6s-soundstage is huge-they image like lasers,(only 71/4 inches wide). I've heard the 7Bs with Classe-don't quite image as well and a little fat in the upper bass region for me-but it is the best selling Aerial model. There is a known synergy between the products-John Russell of Classe highly recommends Aerial,and Michael Kelly feels the high current Classe amps are a wonderful match for his speakers. Depending on your room size the 10T would fit in your price range- it has a big footprint though. Good luck.
I run nht 2.9's with a Classe CA-200 with great results. Excellent imaging and good low end.
i may be mistaken, but i believe the Totems use Dynaudio drivers, which would account for the excellent imaging. Therefore, I suggest you check out some Dynaudio speakers, specifically the Contour 3.3 and Confidence 5. these may give you what you hope for.
I recently purchased Ariel 8's and have a Classe CA-150,CP-35 and Cd.3 with Kimber Kables for the speakers and have found the system very satisfying. I listen to mainly classical music and the piano is in the room. The violins are so real you are surprised by the decay of the notes in the solos.