Speakers for a 4m wide by 9 m high approx room

Looking to get my first pair of quality speakers (I'm so excited) I'm a little overwhelmed with all the info out there. What speakers would you recommend? Floor standing or bookshelf? The room has a tiled floor with concrete walls, it's the main living area so sofa TV etc will be in the room. I may have be able to get a pair of B&W 603 series 2 (floorstanding), would they be suitable?
what amp,what music,:?
Not sure on amp,(many seem to recommend Rotel so maybe one of those) not got that far yet, this will be my very first high end audio system. As excited as I am, I'm equally just as confused with all the info out there. My musical tastes stretch from indi, rock to funk and jazz (artists such as Oasis, Chili Peppers to Miles Davis)
Got around $1500us to spend, hoping to get second hand gear in Hong Kong
perfect listening system for you , handles all types of music well in your room and yet inside your budget, cambridge 540 amp, 540 player, epos 3 all new ....or buy the cambridge all new...www.audioadvisor.com.....buy a small footprint floorstander call totem arro which sells very reasonable on this site...750.00 from badgirl...dwhit you will love it , it sounds like tubes, very warm and detailed , yet has the solid state and no frills from the cambridge and the totem are very musical and seem to fit and disappear ...you can do that for your budget..dwhitt
Would floor standing be to much or should I go for moniters? Would a pair of B&W CDM-7NT be too much for a room this size?
b & w match well with rotel, they like power, so as much power as you an buy would be fine...
I'd second Dhwhitt's Totem Arro recommendation. They're going on audiogon for nearly half off retail, and at only 5" wide and 7" deep, they'll actually take up less floor space than many monitor-stand combinations!
Another good option to Arros is the Silverline Prelude.
Are the B&W CDM-7NT still highly regarded? What would apair go for now?