Speakers for a 15w 6v6 integrated amp?

hi, I am in need of some recommendations for speakers for a 15w integrated amp based on 6v6 tubes. My room size is 3mtsx6mts (10x20ft), my budget is 3000usd and would like to avoind spending all of that :)

I listen a lot to Jazz, Blues, Soul, Tango, Flamenco and occasionally

I was looking at some Tannoy's including the Revolution and also some pre-owned Ohm Micro Walsh's.

Do any speakers come up in your mind as must audition for this?

Thanks so very much for any tips!

You may want to check out recent Forum threads that have been very positive for the Tekton Design Lore when matched with tube amps. 30Hz-30kHz frequency response,8 Ohms,
high efficiency (98dB), linear speakers. They retail for around $1000 - 1100, direct order from tektondesign.com.

Also featured in several very good virtual systems on Agon.
Tannoy may want more power and different tube,,,I would lok at single driver full range, no crossover designs.
Omega Super Six Alnico Monitors with Deep Hemp Sub
Omega Super Six Alnico XRS
Both of these will shine with 15w of power if you want to buy used look Omega Super 8 Alnico XRS.
Contact Louis at Omega, he is a great guy and will set you up right.
Given your musical taste, I`d give strong thought to the Omega,Tekton or Zu speaker lineup.
The Coincident Technology Triumph Extreme's are amazingly good monitors that are very easy to drive. If you couple them with (put them on top of) the passive woofers that Coincident provides you get an excellent fullrange speaker that is at ideal listening height.

The Devore 3XL is also an easy to drive and very good speaker.

Fritz speakers make some excellent monitors and some full rangers that are very good. They sell direct so you get great bang for the buck, plus "Fritz" is great to talk to and could provide you with excellent advice.

All good suggestions, above. Here's more:

If you are a vintage horn guy (in my order of preference):
Altec Lansing - Model 19, 14, 17
Klipsch - Khorns, La Scala/Belle, Cornwall, Forte/Quartet

If you are not a horn guy (same order of preference):
Audio Note - AN-E, AN-J, AN-K
Triangle (various models)

If you are on a budget or want a cheap way to test HE speakers:
Klipsch KG-4 (horn)
Snell E, J, K (original or /II models)
Thank you for the tips so far! I will try to find local dealers for these. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Today was the first time I tried out speakers, and it has been such a interesting start to just learn what is out there and hear the differences in the sound :)

I tried these speakers with my amp today:

Zu Tone
Tannoy Revolution Signature D6C
Oscar Heil Aulos
Focal Electra 1007 S

The Zu on paper should have benn the best match, but it sounded weak and missing so much of the music. Probably has to do with the 12ohm rating on the speaker.

The Oscar Heil monitor was better matched but the bass was to me muddy and not controlled.

The Tannoy's were quite tight musically and had very nice controlled lows.

The Focal really got my attention in todays audition. It was overall the best sounding of all the choices today with the amp.

So. the journey will continue with trying to find the speakers that have been recommended so far. Nice when you don't know much, there is so much exciting stuff to learn!

Thanks again
I have a 1961 Bell integrated tube amp using 4 6v6 tubes.

I have used this amp with great results on the following speakers- a stacked pair of Quad 57's,Tannoy Ardens,Ref 3A grand Veena, Mission 770, Meadowlark Heron i,it has always been a surprise to find a speaker that didn't work well with it.

I think there will be a lot of great speakers out there besides the usual suspects,that would prove a good match for your amp,just use common sense and watch the volume.
15 watts will rock a Klipsch Heresy or Cornwall. For a more detailed sound the Triangles are also good but you'll need a sub.
I immediately thought of Ref 3A, if there is a dealer in your area. Or in Europe you may find used, some of the earlier Ref3A speakers that were sold under the Innovac name, like the Royal Master monitors or the Suprema 2 piece speaker w passive sub.
I second the Quartet. Nice smaller foot print-Efficient and 3way.
Upgrade the mid/tweet diaphrams with Crites and you will really hace something for under $400 if you shop right.
Oiled oak finish is the way to go.
I prefer this speaker to the Forte on up. The 3-way avoids the KG 2 way issue with recessed mids-but give you a tighter, yet large bass response that seems more balanced IMHO over the larger Forte and up.
If you want sheer concert levels- you will need the bigger speakers- but for most poeple the Quartet is just fine- and rocks with the best of them.