speakers for 15' by 12' listening room?

I know sound is subjective and the best way to decide is to listen to the equipment but I 'd like some input on speakers.
I live in a small apartment, my listening room is 15' by 12' and I don't crank up the volume too much.
My current speakers are Kef 104.2 ( they sound Amazing but are too big and the bass can be too much). I also have some Rogers LS3/5a in smaller bedroom and those are perfect there.
My stereo equipment consists of a CD Player Rega Jupiter, a Linn 5103 Preamp, 1 Linn Klout amp, 1 integrated amp VTL iT85 and 1 Linn Chakra amp (I switch amps depending on mood and music).
Ultimately, I would like to find a pair of compact speakers that don't need to be in the center of the room to sound good (the closer to the wall the better).
I listen to many different styles but mostly Jazz, Vocals, and Electronica.
The sound I'm looking for is non fatiguing like the LS3/5a but more full range like the Kef. Warm, dynamic and detailed even at low listening levels would be great!
Look & sizewise, I like Totem (Aro, Staff, Hawk and Model 1), Spendor S5e, Harbeth, (can't remember which 2 ways monitor), and Gallo reference 3.1.
I haven't heard any of them, I would rather not having to break the speakers in and since my budget is tight, I am looking at second hand market.
Any advice and recommendation will be highly appreciated, many thanks!
Look at the Horn Shoppe: The Horn & The Cube bass augmenter.
Check out Harbeth, Spendor and Audio Note. Don't go too large though or you'll get some prominent bass nodes- trust me I speak from experience.
How about the Usher 718 Tiny Dancer...Great Reviews from everyone...
I very highly recommend the Focal Profile 908 monitors. They have exactly the type of sound you seek and will work great in your room size. They sound remarkable at low volumes - something many speakers can't do - and their port is on the front so you can have them near the rear walls without much trouble. They have some of the best imaging I have ever heard, a huge soundstage and dynamics that belie their size hands down. Music Direct has them on super sale right now. I feel you can't do better at that price (I have witnessed too many problems with used speakers so I recommend new ones...).


Some of the suggestions you've already received fit your criteria. Since you already have Linn products, have you considered any of the Linn speakers? Many of the older Linns were designed for near wall (or against wall) setups. I don't know about the newer models, but several of the older ones would work.


before you buy speakers, buy room treatments (bass traps & panels). see my room pics, and fwiw those who come to my room never state that the WP6s are too big / overpowering for the 15*11 room i'm in.
You might want to check out Merlin VSMs. These are modest sized floor standers which won't dominate your room. The older SE version sounded better (IMHO) with a little bass reinforcement from near wall placement.

Good Luck,

North Creek had a monitor at RMAF that was one of the best small speakers I've ever heard. You'd almost have to buy new, but their low prices belie the build, finish, and sound quality.....
have you auditioned the magnepan 1.6s ? the bass response won't over power your room.
I have a room almost the exact same size. I am currently trying a pair of Usher Be-718's on loan from a local dealer. These are wonderful speakers in many ways and have very good bass for standmounts. The berylium (sp?) tweeter provide lots of detail without being too bright, soundstanging and imaging is very good (although I'm still playing with position), nice dynamics and tone. I do miss the weight of bass from a floorstander speaker. That said, I haven't tried a lot of different positions to see if I can enhance bass by placing closer to rear wall. I've auditioned Totem Arro and Staffs in a larger room a few years ago in a house we previously owned. I preferred the Staaf over the Arro, but also thought both were nice speakers. I can't compare the Totems directly to the Ushers, because of room and equipment changes and it was about 4 years ago. I'd be very tempted by the Ushers because they do a lot well for the money, and are an impressive little package, are reasonably priced for what they do, and I recommend that you consider them. I'm probably going to stick with a floorstander but am considering a range of options.
Had the same size deadish room. The Acoustat 3's finally gave me the low-mid's (high-bass) that was very attenuated. I've have JM Lab Daline's, Dahlquist Dq-10, 28's and many other's trying to alleviate that problem. The Dq-10 are by far the best soundstage though and I'd never leave them.
Another vote for Harbeth and Spendor.
I have Vandersteen 1C speakers that I use in a room that is about the size of yours with a Rega Jupiter/Cursa/Maia setup. I have them centered on the long wall about 7 feet apart (with a couch in the middle) and 18 inches out into the room (although they can go back another 6 or 8 inches without getting boomy). They sound absolutely fantastic and represent one of the best values I am aware of in hi-fi. They are dramatically better than the Quad 11L speakers I previously owned.
Check out the Aerial Model 6 also. My room is only 15x10 with Martin Logan Aerius i's. - they work good in there, but not as well as my B&W 603's did, which was a 2 1/2 way floor stander that I thought had great low level resolution needed for my small room - I just couldn't get them to disappear. Like you, I'm also searching for something else, and from what I've read about the Aerial Model 6, they work very well in small rooms, and can disappear at low levels - they're just a little pricey - check out their web-site. I'm also considering the Spendor S5e
The Paradigm Signature S2s sound great in my 9 X 17 listening room. They image beautifully and provide a wonderful sound stage for such a small space. I'm currently running a pair of Quicksilver Silver 60s and the combination is amazing. I also have a Pathos Classic One II that's better on summer days when it's too hot to run the Q's.