Speakers for $140 or less

Hi all,

I have a new project. I'm looking to create a home theater based on a pair of speakers available for about $150, preferably even less. Obviously not going for audio nirvana here, just something serviceable with relatively clear dialogue, decent bass. Really should be a floorstander. Is there anything in the used market that might be particularly good, or should I just go the garage sale route? It'll be driven by a mid-90s Rotel receiver, about 60 watts.

At that price, stay local....Craigslist, pawnshop, garage sale...ect. No shipping cost.

The Athena line of speakers sold at Best Buy and AudioAdvisor are quite good for the money. I see that AudioAdvisor has the Athena B1.2 bookshelf speakers on sale for $100 a pair. It would be hard to beat at that price.
I have a pair of Infinity Entra One's that are excellent for the money. They originally sold for ~$400 MSRP, but appear on ebay for <$100 now. Excellent low end for a stand mount, and once broken in they're very good.
I have a pair of Infinity RS-4b's. Original retail over $1100. If you can pick up in NY, I'll cut sweet deal. Had them listed here, no local buyers.
Athena Audition B1.2

Hsu Research has a new monitor the HB-1 that sells for $129 per unit - I demoed it at HES and was blown away by it - for the price. Not a floorstander. Horn tweeter.

Crutchfield has the new Primus 152 for $99 I think.
Certainly these are not floorstanders.... what are the Paradigm Atoms (or even used Titans) going for now? I always thought those were exceptional speakers in that general range.

Atoms are $249.
I just checked and those Primus 152 were $99 each.
If your or anyone else for that matter live around Huntsville,AL. I have a pair of EPI 2 ways w/8 in. woofer from early 70's. They have good tonal balance equal to about the Infinity Q series of the late 80's and heavy. $25 and they are yours. I bought them from a secondhand store. Replacement parts also available for these, not that they need parts.
All, thanks for your help. They do need to be floorstanders, so I think an old pair locally is the way to go.
If you are into DIY, there are many designs available around your price range that would make you happy. Most will better anything you can buy commercially available in you price range.