speakers fo PrimaLuna Prologue One.

looking for speakers that work well with the primaluna prologue one. can be either floorstanders or bookshelves.
Try Dynaudio Audience 52 or 52 SE - both used now. These lowish sensitivity speakers seem like they would be poor match for the relatively low power ProLogue one, but they sound great together. Put the 52's on a nice stand and give them some room to breath and you will be very happy. Other options would be the Usher Be-718 (tiny Dancer) or the Focal Chorus 807V.
Look for something in the 90db. range with an 8 ohm impedance that does not drop below @ 6 ohms .

I enjoy a standmount , Reference 3a De Capo i , with my Prologue 2 .

Good luck.
I dont know if thid really help but I use Dali Helicon with my prologue seven.
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ProLogue seven's are about twice as powerful as the one. With that said, the Dali's would probably sound pretty good with the ProLogue one as well. I was going to suggest the Ikon or Mentor lines.
Anything in the Klipsch Heritage series would sound great with it - I drive my Cornwalls with a Dialogue 2.