speakers: final choice: Chario/Focal Sonus?

so today I had valuable listening sessions, where I brought my cd (Debussy/La mer/Karajan/Berliner)

I am almost set for amp/cd: Cambridge CXA80 + CXC.

The Totem Mite which impressed me so much few weeks ago, with my cd had a narrow small closed sound. With a more "modern music" cd (fewer instruments, better recording perhaps), they player like first time, and the sound didnt seem to come out from such a small speaker. But they were now out of my list.

Kef R200: terrible closed compressed sound.

Focal Aria 905: great, I would get bigger sisters 906. Natural and open sound.
Focal Electra 1007 BE: there are another league, they were not supposed to be listened, but are ex-demo, so just 300 euro more than Aria 906. You can immediately say these are another league.

Chario Lynx: again, high levels here. Totem Mite price, but not even comparable quality. What energy, what clarity of sound.

Elac bs 403: for sure a great sound, but I didnt like them. Different sound from Chario.

Sonus Faber Venere 1.5: I wanted to listen the Venere 2.0, but I couldnt find them. These are closer to Chario than Elac, fortunately. Very good, but bass section inferior to Chario. When we tested back to back Chario and Sonus with "modern" music Chario came out incredibly, with a level of energy which left all the people in the room amazed. The SOnus Faber were power-hungry: volume had to be set much higher than with Chario.

Therefore I must clear my mind now: Focal or Chario. Focal Electra cost 300 euro more, and I cannot choose the color I like (black), but are probably the best of these 3.

What would you suggest? Have you ever had the chance to listen Chario Lynx e FOcal Aria 906/Electra 1007 BE?
I really liked my 1007Be's the problem you are going to have is that your electronics will not bring out the best in those speakers and they may actually sound harsh.