Speakers....Epos and up

I have Epos M5 speakers, with NAD T743. I would like to move up in speakers. The size of the Epos are perfect the room I have, generally I like the EPOS sound. (I also have Silverline Minuets that I listen to on occasion) Any suggestions for the step up? Thanks.
price range?
I recently replaced a pair of Epos M5s with a pair of Totem Model One Signatures purchased here on Audiogon. Pretty amazing when paired with a small tube integrated and a small subwoofer in a moderately sized room at low to moderate volume levels. The Totems are so revealing that they might start a chain reaction of other upgrades! I'm sure that's true of other speakers you might consider as well. But oh well, isn't that part of the fun of this hobby?
Whats the Epos sound like?
Price range of 1000-1400. The room is small, say 14x20.
The EPOS M12i are a real step up from the M5 and it will keep you with the same house sound. At some point, the NAD is going to be the limiting factor though.


monitor audio rs6 or rs8; great, small footprint
alternatively, von schweikert vr1 or vr2; totem staff is always a good bet
Why not add a sub if you like the sound you have now?
Rich...in your opinion is NAD T743 I have enough for the Epos 12i? The Nad T743 is quite step up from the Nad 7240pe and the Nad 7155 I've used until recently.
NAD got me started, but didn't keep me going. I believe you would be far happier moving on.
I like the Epos-perhaps get a sub. But if you want to change, I have Ushers 718 and really like them.
The Epos are good speakers, perhaps superior to Totems in the treble. I believe you should consider better amplification and perhaps evaluate your source(s) and wires before dumping the Epos.
Hi Earthquake:

There is nothing wrong with the NAD T743 and it would work fine with the EPOS M12i. When you begin to move up to seriously better equipment though, you will begin to notice the ceiling levels of your other equipment. It just happens as your ears get trained.

The T743 is a HT receiver. Are you using the NAD in a multi-channel set-up, or are you just using it in a 2 channel mode? If you are using the T743 in a 2 channel mode, you could probably do better for an amplifier in its price range ($800 or so).

HCM Audio has a demo pair of the EPOS M12i for $900, which you may wish to check out.

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Keep the Epos. Upgrade the NAD. If you really like that British sound, then check out the Exposure line of integrateds. Of course Cyrus, older Onix and others will also fill the bill.
I would suggest a pair of Harbeth HLP-3es2. They can be had in your price range and are a big step up fom the Epos.
Like others though, I think a better amp may be in order.
Thanks for the input. It is really quite helpful!
What did you end up with?