Speakers costing range of 2500-3500 per pair

With my budget what speakers would work well with the Denon 4311-ci

Incase you live in California.  Pretty good deal with the stands.   I got mine for 3400 new tiger ebony.  the cherry is about 200 less.  The Harbeth will be great with your solid state receiver.   Incredible detail with these speakers.   
Thank you all that responded to my post.  At this point I’m 50% home theater and 50% music. We currently have 5.1 set up with studio 20 paradigms.
I was advised to listen to the monitor audio silver 300. I also have a svs 2000 sub, I’m in the trial period.
Listened to a lot of speakers in this price range last year. Our favorites in this price range were the GoldenEar Triton 2+ ($3500) or 3+ ($2500), but we also liked the Aria 936s. Based on past experience, the Vandy 1s would also be good to audition. 
Revel F206 going to be very hard to improve upon. $3500 pr list for an incredibly beautiful looking and sounding speaker. Punches way above its price class. Great matching CC speaker as well.
Source Loudspeaker Technologies 7211's. Have had these speakers for three years now and they still impress me. Added two HVS 10 Subwoofers and couldn't be happier.