Speakers causing problems with TV

I have a pair of speakers sitting right next to the sides of a 32" TV. They have been in this position over a year and recently have been noticing color/tint distortion with the TV. I have tried moving them further away from the TV, but the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this problem? What can you do short of moving the speakers into another room?
Sounds like your unshielded speakers have slowly magnetized your TV tube. First, Move the speakers at least a foot or two away. Next, try turning the TV on and off several times. Most have an auto-demag circuit in them that works when turned on. If this does no good, you may have to bring the TV to a shop and have them use a professional coil-type manual demagnizer. They will probably charge a fee, but what can you do. If the speakers have to be close, get some shielded speakers. --Tom
after you make sure the tv is ok just get some magnets the same size as the magnet on your woofer and stick it on your woofer magnet.tadaaaaah you have shielded speakers,or like the other guy said go buy some shielded speakers