Speakers Cables With Better Top End Extension

Hi All,

Is anyone able to recommend a set of speaker cables with better top end extension. I was thinking about the Cerious Technology speaker cables, but Srajan from 6moons is saying they may not suit SET amps. But on the other hand I hear they really need to sit idle without movement for around 4 days before making final judgement. I don't exactly have the chance to audition them before purchasing them, so any information would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, aside from a set of speaker cables with better top end extension, cables that may add just a tad more body and a midrange thats not so forward would be just fantastic. The bass at the moment is pretty good punchy and tight. Do such a pair of speaker cables exist? Not sure, but that's why I'm asking.

Other than the CT's, I was considering a set of cables from PSC Audio http://www.pscaudio.com , Silver ribbons similar in setup to the Sealth Cloud-Nine speaker cables.

Current System Setup:
1. Osborn Epitome Grand Reference MKV speakers (94 db)
2. GM-70 tube based SET monoblock amps
3. Supratek Sauvignon pre-amp (6SN7 tube based)
4. Audio Aero Capitole MKII CD player
5. AudioQuest Cheetah Silver interconnects (CD to pre)
6. PSC Audio Custom Silver ribbon based interconnects (pre to power amp)
7. Standard copper speaker cables.

Nordost tend to be almost "bright" and quite revealing.
Well, I am not sure of your budget, so I will make two suggestions. (FYI, I have no idea if these will work with SET amps or not, but I can not think of a reason why they wouldn't. They certainly work great with our Lamm Hybrids.)

One, if cost is no object, the Nordost Valhallas.

Two, if cost is a factor, the Audience Au24s.

I own the later cables, and my friend owns the former. I have heard both in his system, as he sold me his Au24s in order to upgrade to the Valhallas. The Au24s were really pretty close to the Valhallas in all aspects. The treble in particular sounded great with both cables, with lots of decay and not a trace of brightness.

(But if only the best will do, go with the Valhallas! They do sound just a little bit better, At 4 times the cost, they should much better, but that old law of diminishing returns keeps popping its head up!)
With my Atmasphere OTLs I use the Pure Note Paragon Speaker cables. They give me the balance that you suggest. They have been used by many of my audiophile friends and Pure Note has been around for many years. FWIW.

For the most impressive top end, I recommend Silver Audio Symphony 32 or 48. It's extremely well extended, resolved, and silky (no trace of harshness).

The Cerious do many great things (for example, its PRAT is the best I've heard of any cable in any price range). The top end, however, is a little soft. They offer a full money back auditioning period in case you are still interested in giving them a shot.

Kurt, I think you own the better cable :) I've never used the Vahalla, but I've used various Nordost cables up to the Valkyrie model (seemingly recently continued, but was the model below the Vahalla). The Au24 is a better cable IMO. I think to many people fall for the "more expensive is better" line of thinking.
Sounds like ELF Audio's Super Helix solid core CCC speaker cables are just what you want.Ernest told me they work exceptionally well with SET amp's and full range speaker's.I own a pair and they are really detailed up top with a smooth midrange and great bass impact.An 8ft pair is only $80.00,but they have blown away cables costing waaaayyyy more in my system.If you want to read up on them go to www.elfaudio.net
I would look at Virtual Dynamics - Master series gets the most raves; Revelation is the best they make, but all are very good and might fit what you are seeking. They were MUCH better than the Au24s(a good value)in my system for top end extension, and more of a "live" sound.