Speakers/Cables to go w/ Audio Aero and McIntosh

I just fell into a really neat commission and promptly purchased the newest audio aero capitole cd player and the McIntosh 2102 tube amp. Assuming my luck holds, I can soon afford some speakers and thoughts on cables are also appreciated. Yes, I know how much speakers are subjective. I am insulting the system with Bose 901's (ouch!). Actually, the Bose 901's can handle acoustic light rock rather well.....but the 'WHO' sound awful. I am a 40-something and I like classic rock. On cables there seems to be lots of enthuiasism for Acoustic Zen products, I am sold unless someone can talk me out of it---at least as far as the digital RCA connect from my Marantz DVD player into the Audio Aero
While talking with the designer of the Audio Aero CD player output stage at CES he *very strongly* urged people to use a balanced interconnect from the CD player to a preamp or amplifier. We currently use RCA, because that is what we have, and it works fine but if your McIntosh supports balanced inputs, and you have a choice, you might want to go with balanced.

As for brand of cable, Acoustic Zen is nice and does have a following. With the Audio Aero and McIntosh both being tubed, you might also want to try something a little faster and cleaner sounding like Nordost - but Nordost will also be leaner as well. As usual, you've got to choose *your* favorite flavour out of many tastie treats :-).

- Mike (Audio Federation, Nordost dealer)
I like MIT cables with my SS McIntosh but I have auditioned Cardas neutral reference with the Mc2000+C2200 (on Vandersteen 5) and it was so magnificent I have to suggest it for your tubes. MIT may be too warm for all tubes. What preamp do you have?

As far as speakers, the sky is the limit. From what I have heard with McIntosh, Vandersteen, Thiel, Paradigm Reference (what I have currently), and Aerials all sound lovely, with the Vandersteen and Paradigms being on the warmer side. Congradulations on such nice purchases! Arthur
I use Audience Au24 interonnects (balanced and unbalanced) and speaker cables in my Mcintosh system. To my ears they are perfect. They are very, very good, but the "perfect" label is applied because they are small and easy to manage. At about a mid-level price point. I previously had Acoustic Zen Satori speakers cables and I prefer the Au24. I've also had good luck with Harmonic Tech interconnects.

I use Tannoy D500 speakers with this sytem as well. I love them. They are good with any kind of music and should be great with classic rock. They are hard to find, but any Tannoy dealer should be able to get them for you.