speakers cables Lamm dynaudio

Hello, i eared nordost valhalla speakers cables in my system , Lamm ref and Lamm M1.2 Dynaudio Confidence C4 and the sound was too dry, better with kubala sosna like analog cable.Someone can help me about a good speakers cable for my system?

I have great respect for Lamm, both the Ref and M1.2 are world class. Dynaudio is another favorite of mine, I've complimented several models in posts here at Audiogon multiple times.

Nordost has a strong personality, some love it and some hate it. If you find the Nordost too dry and analytical the Kubala Sosna you mention is a viable choice and great sounding cable.

Other choices in a similar voice is Purist and Cardas and perhaps some of the Transparent models.
I would consider Jorma Prime speaker cables . Good Luck