Speakers Cables for Sonus Faber Olympica III

I recently just purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica III's and need speaker cables. What brand and model have you used with these speakers? What do like about them? Looking to bring out the best in these speakers and have no idea where to start. Much appreciation!

My other components are a Primaluna High Power Integrated Tube Amp, VPI Prime Turntabale and will eventually get a Herron VTPH2 Phonostage and Marantz reference series CD Player. Thanks for you help...
I am using Acoustic Zen Satori Cables with Acoustic Zen jumpers....system is Herron Audio Preamp, Herron Phono Pre, PSaudio Directstream Dac and Pass Labs XA Series amp.
cables are very balanced in system with comments from listeners  ranging from “amazing dynamics” to “fast” and “some of the best treble detail they have heard”.  I have tried Audience AU24se, Auditorium A23, Vovox Textura and Cardas Golden Reference since buying the Zen’s and Have always preferred the Zen’s.....hope this helps.
Good Luck with the search!