Speakers cables for Electrostats....

What do owners of Logans, and Innersound and the like use for wires? I am looking for low impedence, resistance, easy on my amp kinda deal. So in asking that, a thin wire would be better than most "garden hose' wire correct?
As of now I have solid Tara labs wire wich is pretty much like a coax cable...2 runs for positive and 3 on the negative side as used by last owner, but what about a wire from FLATLINE or Speltz...any ideas for my particular situation? P.S. they do not need to be over 8 ft in length
thanks as always....Chad
Go and get some transparent super xl speaker wires, Ive got them on my monolith iii speakers, FANTASTIC!!!!!! and CHEAP!!!!!
Alpha Core Goertz. The electrical properties match very well.
I just replaced my Kimber 3035's that i enjoyed for about 3 years with Synergistic Research Designers Reference. More detail and extended highs.

I personally think that all of the high end cables are very good and then it becomes a matter of your personal taste.
I'm not sure where you got the impression that thinner wire will have better electrical properties. Too many variables to make that assumption.

Get yourself some Goertz MI-2. Lowest inductance in the west. Don't forget to install a Zobel network if you decide to go with this cable.

There is a veritable encyclopedia about these cables in the archives. Search 'em out.
I've had good luck with Transparent as well, good synergy with a BAT VK-500 amp and ML Quest Z's.
Try Cardas Golden Cross or Goldem Ref.
Gives a lttle richness/body & kick in the midbass which benefits panel speakers.

Good Luck!*>)
Thanks for all the tips!
Late in the evening love XLO with ML aerius. Tube system takes me where I want to go--different places, different times.