Speakers Bought Brand New For The Cost Of A Good Night Out, That "Kick Ass".

Around 3 1/2 year ago bought a Pr. of the "Andrew Jones" Pioneer SP- FS52's at a Clearance Centre in Australia for $222 for my Kitchen System. Great value as they now retail at $699 over here. Good for a small area but don't go real loud.

Just recently purchased a Pr. of Pure Accoustics Super Nova 5's for $99! These little beauty's absolutely "kick ass" for the money. Much bigger sounding than the Pioneers, with a more thumping bass response, although not quite as refined. Very happy with these for such little money. Will use these or the Pioneers in a Patio set up, and the other in the kitchen set-up, which will eventually be System #7. I am using Electronics well above what would normally be used which helps.

Anyone else picked up a "brand new" set of bargain Speakers and been blown away?
I'm afraid not in my case. Most that I have owned soon revealed their flaws. It was usually rough treble (dodgy/ too low a crossover point?) or sluggish indistinct bass (MDF cabinet/drive unit mounting issues etc).

It's difficult to get any speaker without obvious faults let alone those that quickly become apparent. The closest I got to a budget bargain was a pair of Rega bookshelves some 20 years ago. Great for 60's Pop but eventually the lack of bass was limiting the music I could enjoy.
I have to agree with cd318- While in my younger days I had JBL and Cerwin Vega and Bose speakers that “kicked ass” they did not do justice to the music. Now I have spent a little more money on sources, amplification and speakers and get a more natural and accurate sound.
It depends on what the speakers are for.  For a dedicated room or HT I want the highest quality speakers I can fit in my budget.  For background music in a kitchen or bedroom I’m less picky.  
Well now completely depends on who you are, doesn't it?  If I'm Alex Ovechkin I could snag new JA Perspectives or Vandy Quatro CTs. 

Expensive and overrated  compared to the original Insignia 2-Way bookshelf speakers from Best Buy years ago for $50/pr. ;) 
JBL LSR 305 
$ 225 for the pair
With the foam pads, 4 XLR cables 
and the big volume knobbie
Best placed close to your noggin
but I move them everywhere 
speakers this cheap should not sound so good 
Guitar Center often has some nice deals on traded-in studio monitors if you go to the local store (they don't seem to always show up on the online search).  
Elac B6s - for dinner and a decent hotel with hot water, I got a beautiful pair of budget monitors!
Well, I'm not going to swap out my Revel Ultima Studios or Nakamichi Dragon Slayer Stat's etc. for the Pure Accoustics! LOL! But as I've suggested, for the cost of a night out, these are a great little fun Speaker, for a kitchen system or the like, where you can do a few chores and have something belting away. Helps that I'm not running some crappy Receiver or a little piss-ant Integrated with them but a fairly reasonable Tube Pre, and a high current 170W. $3.5K Power Amp. No "nutless" Amps allowed here. Put on some high octane R n R and have some fun while doing a few chores!
I bought a two pair of Pure acoustics 2-ways, not the Novas. One pair are in use by a friend and the other by my daughter and son-in-law. Thought them to be great for under $100. Better can be had for 2x the price, however not all 2x speakers. 
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Bought a pair of JBL LSR305 first version for 90 bucks at Guitar Center..used but they looked like new!I added a pair of Google Chromecast Audio pucks and adapters to integrate in with my Whole House Speaker setup for Parties.They do sound pretty good especially for the money that I have in the setup.Brand New they are 150 bucks each and still a good deal at that price level for what they do
Well I could never spend $650.00 on a night out but the NOS pair of LSA-1 monitors sure were a steal at that price!

Just a little pricier than what's been discussed, check out the Revel Concerta2 series designed by Kevin Voecks.  The flagship of the line is the F36 @ $2,000/pr.

But there are smaller towers, and stand-mounts for less... and they all sound MUCH better than they should at this price-point - a true audiophile bargain.  Recommended to me by Roger Skoff (XLO cables), and boy, was he right!

Guitar Center often has some nice deals on traded-in studio monitors if you go to the local store (they don't seem to always show up on the online search).
I completely agree with this approach.  I would add pawn shops as potential sources of really good sound for little.  The people who buy at these places mostly don't know the difference so the pricing is even more out of whack than it is among "audiophiles."