Speakers below 800

I am trying to set up a home theater (music & movies). Can I get a decent pair of speakers for less than $800 that would satisfy my requirements. I would really appreciate any suggestions on this regard.

I live in the Washington DC area and I do not see many stores that specialize in the home theater equipment. It would be of great help if I can get any suggestions on where to look for these speakers.
If you are willing to buy used speakers listed here on Audiogon, you should be able to get a pretty decent pair of speakers for $800. You didn't say whether you want monitors or floor-standers, or what other equipment you currently own, and that additional info would be helpful in offering suggestions to you.

For starters, however, I suggest you put a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ce's on your short list. They are an excellent, full-range speaker that does a fine job with both music and home theater. Vandy 2Ce's are often available here on Audiogon, and you can also post a "Want to Buy" ad for them. The other option to buying new is to contact Vandersteen dealers for demos or used models that they've taken in trade. I've had good luck with used Vandy speakers thru Audio Connections in New Jersey -- if you contact them, talk to John Rutan.

If you'll provide some additional info about your system and listening room, I'm sure you can get some ideas from other Audiogon regulars.
A used pair of Hales Revelation Twos go for around $800. The only caveat is that Hales is out of business. Another option is B&W's 600 series speakers. Not as refined as Hales, but they are very good for movies as well as music, and B&W is definately still in business. There are plenty of speakers being sold here on audiogon. Is Philadelphia too far? Maybe that city has a few decent stores. Good luck.
The PSB Image series speaker are worth a listen. PSB also has good distribution so they may be available for audition.
I just listened to paradigm speakers for 775 retail. They were excellent. Great imaging and totally disappeared. I forgot the model but if you check Paradigm it's probably the only speaker in the price range that I am suggesting. Bang for the buck!
Maybe this isn't exactly "kosher," but you can visit several of our local dealers to audition speakers that you can then find used/demo on this site. I live in the DC area also, and from my own travels I can tell you you can listen to Vandersteens (and many, many other brands) at Soundworks in Kensington, MD; to PSB and Dynaudio (and many other brands) at JS Audio in Bethesda, MD; to Thiels, Linns, and Vienna Acoustics at Gifted Listener Audio in Centreville, VA (some of these brands have affordable models even if bought new from the dealer); to Soliloquy's and Spendor's at Deja Vu Audio in McLean, VA, and to B&W's of all sizes and prices at Myer-Emco (located at multiple locations in Northern VA and MD suburbs). Some of the speakers you may audition at one of these shops are going to be within or near your price range, so you will have the option of buying them brand new from reliable dealers who are also nice guys. Other speakers are going to be way outside your price range, and you will lust for them for a year or so until you spot them used/demo on this site and can't resist. Just try to return to the dealer for cables or stands or something! Also, most of the dealers I mentioned have their own used/demo sections where you can find some great deals. I know I have.
Not totally familiar with market in this range but thought I would throw in w/ a couple of above posts. I heard a pair of PSB Stratus Bronze speakers which are for sale on this site $730 as blems which were excellent for the $$$$. Also remember seeing the PSB silver as low as $900. Listen a little, your ears, good secondary market here.
Good luck.
Get a pair of used klipsch heresys. They run about $500 used and they are great for both applications. They are 96db effecient so you can run them on a whopping 3 watts. The don't have great bass but if they have decent bass and you can supplement it with a sub later.
Go up to Baltimore (Timonium actually) to Gramophone. They have multiple HT rooms for each price point up the line. And I mean HT rooms. They are set up with sofas, etc just like you would have in your house. They have regular listening rooms also. Their web site is http://www.gramophone.com/

Also in Baltimore is Soundscape. A small place, but the staff is friendly and know their stuff. Web site is: http://www.soundscapeaudiovideo.com/

Soundworks in Kensington is one of the best places near DC (if not the best). They are worth the trip. They have a lot of listening rooms at all price points.

Myer-Emco is DC's B&W dealer if that is what you're looking for. (Gramophone and Soundscape are also). http://www.myer-emco.com/

Fell in LOVE with Kirkstaeter (sp?) speakers at CES. The Silverline 50 is one of the best monitors I have EVER heard. Period. The sound from break-in to broken-in is immense, though. Amazing sound. Cheers! Retail for 700.
If you like the Kirksaeter speakers, Sound Images in Falls Church, VA (near 7 Corners on Rt. 50) has that line, plus Gallo's and Conrad Johnson electronics. Also other stuff! I forgot to mention them in my previous post about our local audio/HT dealers.
Coincident Speaker Tech. Triumph Sigs. are about as good as it gets for the $. A used pair should run about $600-$800 and perhaps the seller might include stands for about $100 more? High sensativity, stable impedence and a high level of fit and finish. Silk dome tweeter also keeps sibilence at bay . When you save up a few more bucks you can add a sub for A/V use only. The Coincidents run about $1200 new but you can find used pairs from time to time. Well worth the trouble.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

I have an ONkyo 595 receiver and the listening room is about 18*12 (approx). The floor is wooden and I prefer having floor-standing. I hope that will provide me with better suggestions.