Speakers Before Merlin TSM-MM

Merlin TSM-MM users,

What were the speakers just before you own Merlin TSM-MM?
And what was the major benefit from the change to TSM-MM?
And what was the power amplifier?
I had a pair of Reference 3A. When I got the TSM-MX they made the 3A sound broken. Big whole in the upper midrange.
I use a pair of Atma-Sphere M60 which I built from kits 5 year ago and I continue to upgrade.
I use a REL Strata II subwoofer.
b&w signature 805s, great and beautiful. Merlins are in a different league. Additionally, being able to speak with the owner/creator with any questions is priceless.
Proac Studio 100. The Merlins are light years ahead of most stand mounts. None that I have heard come close.
Thanks for the responses!
Any more?
I think they're an excellent speaker, if a bit shy of resolve and razor sharp refinement of the VSM
I am extremely pleased with my TSM MXs. The detail, imaging and resolution are fantastic. I had TDL RTL 3s before so it was a huge upgrade. The TDLs sounded so unrefined in comparison and very inaccurate.