Speakers - Avalon versus Piega?????

I wanted to know if anybody has ever compared the Avalon Opus, Piega C-8ltd and Piega P-8ltd to one another? How does each of the speakers sound?? What are their strenghts and/or weakness?? Electronics would be Rowland and/or Accuphase.

Thanks - Chris
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both brands make outstanding loudspeakers....if its a long term purchase the avalons get the nod...thy have a longtime cult following and a long history of effortless resale potential.
With Rowland/Accuphase, Avalon is a great match. I have heard Piega's- sound bright compared to Avalons.
They sound quite different. You have to listen to them and decide for yourself which sound you want.
chris..having heard the avalons,which are very good speakers,and the p-8ltds and the c-8 ltds..the best of the 3,imo,is the c-8ltd.again..kr4 is correct..you have to hear them,preferrably in your system,to be able to fully differentiate the 2 brands.the piegas.especially the new c-series.are superb speakers.their quality is second to none as is their build/construction.their sound is the best i have heard...the c-10 ltd is better still,different bass drivers but more expensive and if your room is not large the c-8 ltd would be plenty.i have p-10s and will be trading up to the c-10 ltd this year...brightness is not a function of the speaker..mine and the c-series speakers i have heard sound wonderful. good luck...give steve davis..at hififarm a call and he can answer all your questions about the differences between the 2.

I have not heard heard the opus but have owned the p8ltd and now have the c8ltd. When I bought the p8ltd I did audition such things as verity parsifail, quads, smaller utopia, and b & w and chose the piega. I have always been partial to ribbons/stats and found the highs and midrange superb, lifelike without brightness. The base was deep and tight without being boomy and surprisingly good out of a smaller speaker. It had huge WAF. I upgraded after 2 years though I did not think I would actually do so, I just had the opportunity to audition them both at home for some time. The results were clear to me (and pretty well everyone of my music friends and even my wife). The C8ltd is truely amazing. The soundstage is bigger and more lifelike. The blend of the different drivers is sublime and the bass even more substantial. They also interact better with my not so great room. The fit and finish is top notch. The looks are more modern but still high WAF. Of the two, if money is an issue I could have lived a long time with the p8ltd and been very happy. A used pair should be around 5-6 us. The c8ltd is substantially higher. I use musical fidelity nuvista on my c8ltd and it is fine. I have friends who have bought the p8ltd after hearing mine who have used tubes (AR) and ss (moon) with great effect. I have not noticed a particular brightness to the speaker in any of the formats I have heard. I have heard great things about the avalon and would encourage you to audition them. I have no affiliation with any company by the by. If you have any questions drop me a note.