Speakers as diving platforms?

I was browsing a review of B&W 684 speakers on another site and came across this paragraph in the body of the review. I thought it was pretty funny.

"I have five children, and they can be a bit rambunctious at times. It's important that my speakers be really stable. For example, a week after I bought them I found small foot prints *ON TOP* of the speaker. It turned out that two of my kids were helping each other climb up on top of the 684's and then jumping off. Thank God these speakers are real stable so that they did not kill themselves."
If my kids climb on my speakers, I might well climb up there after them and proceed to suplex them to the floor to teach them not to do it again.

I can see where it might be tempting to kids though and certainly dangerous.
I have a related, but slighty different problem. Use this link:

Riley Loves Open Baffle Speakers

Gerry, I know that system - did I see it on a 6Moons expose of some type??

And did I write you asking for Mr. Burgess's email not long ago with no response? :)

Yes, Michael L. of 6moons did one of his Road Tours about my system. It's been significantly improved since the Road Tour via some tweeks, upgraded digital source and upgraded woofer/mid-range driver.

The improvement was enough that I asked Michael if he would be interested in doing a Road Tour revisit. He's interested and even wants to bring a known speaker designer with him. The speaker designer wanted to hear my speakers after reading the original Road Tour. However, they both have been very busy, so we haven't been able to schedule it yet.

As for James Burgess e-mail information, I have given it to a number of people including one or two recently. If you sent me an e-mail asking for it, I never got it. I just checked my deleted e-mail folder to see if it was accidently deleted and it wasn't in there.

Nothing sinister or conspiracy theories here. Just send me an e-mail and I will get it out to you. I like sending work to JB, he's one of the best!

Paulfobrecht, congratulations on the birth of John Paul! Sooner than you can imagine, he'll be diving off those ANs of yours.

The only thing that can be said about climbing up on the speakers and diving off is, boys will be boys.
Nothing sinister or conspiracy theories here.


Actually the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy joined forces with the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy on this one. They have been successful thus far in keeping this information from me and the body count continues to rise.

Of course, I need another amp or pair of amps like I need a hole in the head. But that begs the question: could I use a hole in the head?? It might keep me from buying more amps (for good), for one thing.

Seriously, I mailed you through AA, or think I did, and wasn't by any means sure if you'd gotten it. I didn't think you have any reason to ignore me. :)

If you could shoot me a mail here with the email - much appreciated.

Joe, thank you, and as for the AN/Es - maybe it will be them and yet MAYBE it will be Supravox field-coils on the JE Labs baffles that wins the _final_ battle.

Then I become a woodworker and build some very nice maple-veneered or piano black lacquered baffles, which will surely take many tries to get right.