Speakers and Stands. What do you use between them?

Hello to all.
I have a pair of JM Labs Electra 905's on lead shot filled stands with rubber gasket material between.
I have been thinking of changing the rubber gasket material with something else.
Rubber bumpers? Cones? Blue tack? Both? or something else?
I listen to Jazz, Female vocals and Rock (nothing Heavy or Hard).
Any help with this would be welcomed.
Thanks, Rick.
If the whole speaker enclosure vibrates back and forth relative to the floor (perhaps in response to the push pull of the woofer), the mid and high frequency information will be smeared, adversely impacting your imaging. In the spirit of reducing the susceptibility of the speaker enclosures from physically vibrating, I would want to couple them firmly to a massy object, like your lead filled stands and/or through to the floor. With this in mind, I would use Cones or Blue Tack. The Blue Tack flattens out and acts more like a layer of glue than a layer of rubber. I actually use Blue Tack in one of my systems. I would avoid the rubber bumpers. Good luck.
Blue Tack between my CDM1nt's and the stands...with a small ball of it near each corner (1/2" ball should do), my speakers have never budged...you can get it at wal mart for 1/5 the price of the audio related places...same stuff too.
I tried a few different tweaks and got the best results with little tiny audiopoints. They are +/- 3/8" tall, three per monitor, two in the front and one in the back.

The detail resolution for my Talon Khites became razor sharp.

i used to use blue tack until i read that blue tack smears the sound. didn't realize this until i removed the blue tack. the article recommended using a piece of wood between the stands and speaker. i tried this and I noticed more detail and at first, a little leaner sounding. after playing multiple albums and cd's, I still get the full range sound just much more detailed.
I go the other way. I use Aurios to decouple my Silverline monitors from my Osiris stands. It opens up the soundstage incredibly. There's no way to think why this should work, it just does - try it if you get the chance and see.
The Wal-Mart stuff is in the stationary section and is for hanging posters and for keeping hung framed pictures level.
Sorbothane is ideal in my book. If it's done right, you can couple the speaker to the stand for low frequencies to get very tight bass, but isolate/damp the cabinet at higher frequencies (this is possible because the resonant frequency varies with strain). Cost is about $25 to buy a strip from mcmaster.com - item 3462K12 - and it just needs to be cut to size depending on the weight of the speaker. Several people on audioasylum and hometheatertalk have followed my suggestions and were very impressed with the results. Email me if you have any questions.

Audiopoints.... .2's and APCD discs or 1.0"s and APCD discs..You want to couple so as to drain away cabinet resonance..Other means only store and impede the flow of unwanted energy leaving a bluuurrrr..loss of resolution and dynamic contrasts..Tom
Double sided tape..put in a triangle shape directly to the stands...very cheap and very solid.